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Music is an evolving art, constantly changing and growing as the people who make it do the same.

Branding that might work for a band or artist one year might not the next, and styles can shift in different environments and times.

It was this growth that prompted local State College band Canary to change its name no less than three times.

Made up of five members, singer Kat Leverenz — a 2020 Penn State graduate with a music degree — said the group had been “wrestling” with names for years before she created the band’s current branding.

“I wanted something with a bird or with nature. Birds sing, so there would be a dual meaning there,” Leverens said. “I was Googling bird names, and eventually ‘Canary’ just kind of stuck.”

Guitarist Zach Dennis, a local professional musician, said the band’s genre varies greatly.

“When we’re performing as a duo, it’s anything from folk, country, pop,” Dennis said. “But we also play with three other members as a full band, and that’s more rock and pop oriented — songs that are going to do well at the bars here locally.”

Over the years, Leverenz and Dennis said the band has performed at places like The State Theatre and Webster’s Bookstore and Café. Both said they hope to continue performing at local venues.

Recording is also a plan for the band, and Leverenz said the members are working on launching their own Spotify profile.

But the recording doesn’t just span the band and its members — Dennis said the band plans on opening a personal recording space for other local artists to record their music, too.

Dennis said the band hopes to expand its “home studio” into a successful local studio business.

Leverenz said the band will also maintain its YouTube channel, Canary Studios, and its Instagram, @canarynest.

Jade Campos, Jeremiah Hassel, Evan James, Rebecca Marcinko, Ben McClary and Matt McLaughlin contributed to this production.



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