With the Marvel Comic Universe’s recent release of the female-led film, Captain Marvel, fans rushed to theaters to determine what will happen next to their favorite Avengers. This was something viewers ended up waiting until the end credit scene to find out.

Though throughout the film, fans did, find a back story of this strong female character. The lead character, Carol Danvers, was pushed down since the early years of her life, and ultimately found a way to get back up on her feet and fight harder — a strong message sent to the audience.

Through flashbacks, viewers saw from her childhood up until her biggest fights. Marvel wanted its fans to see how one of its true heroes was made.

With releases of mainly male-led films in the MCU the past few years, such as Thor: Ragnarok and Doctor Strange, the release of Captain Marvel left some female fans from Penn State sighing, almost as to say “finally.”

Marissa Chiauzzi’s initial thought was that this film was a “big deal” for MCU. The role Captain Marvel plays in MCU is crucial for fans to pay attention to.

“The movie wasn’t too ‘in your face’ with feminism and that’s important because the movie doesn’t necessarily need to be about feminism, it just needs to show people that female leads are possible and inspirational,” Chiauzzi (senior-kinesiology) said.

This film certainly brought out the best in feminist fans, leaving them to question why Marvel hasn’t created more movies of its female characters. Being a fan of Marvel’s work, Chiauzzi predicted Black Widow’s movie will potentially be another great female led film next year.

“Seeing her fight beside the Avengers was awesome, but she’s way more than just a part of the team,” Chiauzzi said.

Besides Captain Marvel and Black Widow, many other female Marvel characters remain in the shadows that MCU has yet to put on the big screen. Some have even starred in major films but were decentralized.

After the release of Black Panther just last year, it left viewers wanting more of Shuri and Okoye. These two women showed intelligence in Wakanda’s advanced technology, and were brought back into Avengers: Infinity War, where they played an immense role in fighting Thanos.



Among others, there has also been Gamora, as a huge factor in Infinity War, some of Jessica Jones through her Netflix series and Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Daniel Jaep has confidence that Captain Marvel has set the stage for all future female led Marvel films. Seeing the success this movie has brought to the box office and through media, Jaep believes this specific film shows it is possible to withhold superhero movies with strong female presence.

“Aside from perhaps Captain America, we've never really seen this much perseverance to succeed from an MCU character,” Jaep (senior-mechanical engineering and Spanish) said.

Rashele Alradaideh, has seen the movie twice since its release. Interested in what Marvel plans on doing with her character from here on out, Alradaideh (freshman-pre-med) hopes she will become an important leader to Endgame, which will be released later this year.

Along with opening endless possibilities for female led Marvel movies in the future, it has also opened the doors to other possibilities.

“(Captain Marvel) opens doors for more movies featuring minorities [sic], like the upcoming Shang-Chi movie,” Alradaideh said.

Black Panther paved the way for more MCU movies featuring underrepresented groups of people.

In the end credit scene, Carol is seen appearing at the Avengers headquarters. Ready for what might come, she questioned where Fury had been. With the look of readiness in her eyes, she was prepared for anything.



Chiauzzi, along with Alradaideh, believe Captain Marvel will play part in resolving the issues that Infinity War left viewers with.

“I’m guessing most, if not all, of the characters that disintegrated will come back. I’m not very good at predicting movies though, so I’m not sure how it will all go down,” Chiauzzi said.

Jaep is unsure how Endgame will begin, but believes it will begin with a recap from Infinity War and, “will be before Ant-Man comes knocking on the door, as well as Carol showing up.”

What fans will see next from Marvel is unpredictable. But according to these Penn State students, it seems fans are hoping to see more female led films in the near future.

“I feel like these types of movies should be a normal trend by now. I see strong and awesome women every day in real life and I feel like movies should mirror that. So, I really hope to see that in the future,” Chiauzzi said.

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