Supply Chain Management Career Fair (Feature)

Students of Smeal College of Business at the SCIS Career Fair at the Smeal Atrium in the Business Building on Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016.

Making a good first impression can make or break someone’s chance at getting a job.

Be yourself. Your personality is valuable and has the possibility of pushing you above the competition.

Being yourself may also allow you to connect with the recruiters on a more personal level if you have similar personalities or share interests.

Showing a kind, humorous or positive personality may attract employers and make you more memorable. They meet an uncountable number of students throughout the day, so be sure to do or say something to keep you in their mind.

Most recruiters can see through the fake window put over anyone’s face. Naturally, when someone wants to work with a certain company, there will be no forced or fake emotion when it comes to talking about the company or why they want to work with them.

Showing employers why you want to work with their company will increase the chances of obtaining a position.

Be sure to research the companies you’re interested in. This will separate you from the competition and will most definitely leave a good impression.

Aside from getting to know the companies, get to know yourself. Know what you are good at, and know what you still may need to work on.

Practicing how to talk and interact while looking in the mirror is a great thing to do when it comes time to the real interaction. Showing personality can advance you, but using any type of slang or an improper use of words can hurt you.

An approachable smile and body language are also big keys when making a good impression.

Seeming happy to be in contact with a company you want to work with looks good on your part. Stand up straight, keep your arms unfolded and square up your shoulders to the person you’re speaking with. Practice this in the mirror as well.

Looking at one’s self and practicing these things will boost confidence. Confidence is one of the top qualities an employer looks at in a potential employee.

Do not confuse being confident with acting like you’re “all that” or a know-it-all. That can come off as rude to some.

These employers don’t know you and are just getting to know you. If a student is too into themselves and their personal accomplishments, recruiters will most likely find that to be a negative quality.

Being yourself, practicing how to interact and inner confidence will lead to a good first and overall impression.

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