Wear uncomfortable shoes and clothing

Leave the too-high high heels and extra small button-up shirt from eighth grade at home. Dress professionally and comfortably so you can focus on the fair itself.

Forget to check your weather app

Be sure to check the weather before you leave. You don’t want to show up with soaking wet hair or the inability to feel your hypothermic feet. An umbrella, coat or pair of socks can make a big difference.

Wear an old t-shirt and sweatpants

Your attire should be business professional. Leave the pajama pants and old sweatshirt for your 8 a.m. class. “Dress to impress” matters a lot at a career fair.

Leave your resume at home

Triple check that you have your resume with you before you leave. Also, make sure you have enough copies of your resume, and that they are all neat and orderly. While employers look at the content of a resume, they also don’t want a ripped and crumbled up paper that was fished out of the bottom of your book bag.

Show up unprepared

The night before a career fair, read up on the businesses that will be represented. Make a list of your top choices, and write down a few questions you can ask them. If you prepare beforehand, you will get the most out of the fair.

Avoid eye contact

Possible future employers want to see that you are engaged and that you can socially interact with other people. They will notice if you struggle to meet them in the eye when speaking to them.

Underestimate the power of a handshake

First impressions are everything. You can demonstrate confidence and interest through a simple handshake. You can practice your handshake beforehand with your friends.

Act nervous or uncomfortable

Someone will notice if you bounce your foot up and down, play with your hair or crack your knuckles. Make a conscious effort to battle off nervous habits. Even if you are nervous, fake it until you make it.

Immediately eliminate a job or internship because it isn’t specifically involved with your field

Be open to more opportunities. You might find a job or internship that is perfect for you that you never even considered. Listen to what a job or internship entails before you scratch it off your list.


You can do this. Be confident. Everything is going to turn out okay.

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