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A lot of things I’ve done in college were things I really didn’t expect to do.

I’m a big planner — I typically have my entire day planned down to a T the night before to avoid any kind of unexpected chaos. But the most meaningful things in life, for me, have come from the things I didn’t really plan for.

I’m determined but really anxious to the point of breaking down about my future when I was an 18-year-old freshman at Penn State. There’s so many journalism opportunities, but it can be hard to land so many of them. In the midst of my panic fueled first semester, I was given what holds true to be some of the best advice I’ve ever received: join The Daily Collegian.

I had high hopes walking into my tryouts on a cold week in January that the Collegian would be beneficial for my career, but there was no way for me to predict the multifaceted impact it would have on me.

Joining as a freshman, I got all of the necessary training and skills needed to prepare me for the classroom before I ever got there. I felt two steps ahead of my classmates at all times, because I already knew how to work with sources and write thoroughly reported stories.

Additionally, the Collegian is one of the oldest and most highly renowned student media outlets on campus. Penn State has the biggest alumni network in the world, so the Collegian’s reach in the journalism industry can stretch just as far. I’ve met so many talented writers and have been selected for internship opportunities due to the Collegian’s own network of alumni.

One of the things that really drew me to reporting in the first place was getting to know people and telling their stories.

Penn State and State College are big, and they’ve been around for a while. It can feel so easy to get lost in all of it. The Collegian gave me an opportunity to get to know so many faces and places throughout the community that helped me feel better connected to my temporary home.

But my favorite thing about the Collegian, ultimately, is the people.

I’ve made some of my greatest friends at the Collegian, and have spent many sleepless nights working and having fun in our office. I feel honored to get the chance to work alongside the most talented student journalists and fun people at Penn State.

Whatever your interest in journalism is, you’ll find it here at the Collegian: News, sports, lifestyle and opinion staffs to sharpen your writing skills or our photo and multimedia staffs to brighten your visual storytelling.

We have many talented journalism majors at the Collegian, but we also have students who just love writing, taking pictures or creating videos. It’s a place for them to continue pursuing their passions.

So, wherever your college career takes you, just know there will always be a place for you at the Collegian.

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