apple watch

The Apple Watch can be more than just a piece of jewelry that doubles as a phone. Now that prices of the devices are starting to drop, they are finding their ways into more students hands… or rather, onto their wrists.

Students who don’t own this smartwatch, due to not seeing its point, may not realize all of the possible benefits.

“It’s something you don’t know you need until you have it,” Thomas Rooney said.

Rooney (junior-security risk analysis) thinks of his device as an extension of his phone and says it’s much more than just a watch to him.

Sitting across from Rooney is his friend Evan English who doesn’t own the popular device.

English (junior-information sciences and technology) said he would choose a standard, analog watch over an Apple Watch every time. He appreciates how these time-telling-machines are made and the story behind how they came to be.

“I really don’t see a point to an Apple Watch just yet,” English said. “It’s just like an extra piece of technology or a loaded Fitbit.”

Students can use their smartwatches for more than telling time. They track their steps and calories.

But, there are other uses for it yet. There are tools such as checking text messages to see if Chad from Phi Chi Latte Gamma ever answered, but there are other perks such as checking notifications right away.

The smartwatch allows its’ owner to check their notifications on top media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Students can even keep up on all things school-related such as their emails and other apps affiliated with school such as Duo.

Enerel Enkhbat works for Penn State and has to use the app Duo through her watch.

“Since I work for the school, I need dual verification when I have to log into my Webmail and LionPATH,” Enkhbat (senior-biology) said. “I’ve only had mine for a month, but I use it more than I thought I was going to.”

Apple Watch users are able to do much more with their devices if they download apps onto it.

According to, the top free apps that can be downloaded from iTunes are Strava (workout tracker), ESPN (for sports fans), Citymapper (for traveling), iTranslate Converse (translator), Yelp (check food ratings), App in the Air (‘personal flying assistant’ checks flights on the go), (track stroke types and distance), One Drop (log daily intake of food, medicine and activity) and Mint (best to keep track of bills).

The device even has the ability to lower the amount of distraction a cell phone can cause. Gabriella Fournier uses her watch frequently throughout the day without feeling glued to it.

“My watch eliminates time from checking my phone,” said Fournier (freshman-division of undergraduate studies). “I get sucked in when I check my phone, so if I can avoid that, it’s great.”

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