The Edge

The Edge, one of downtown State College's newest apartment buildings, is located on East Beaver Ave in State College.

Living off-campus has many advantages for students who are considering where they want to live in the future. The freedom to choose to live by oneself, or with friends in either an apartment or house, is just one benefit of living off-campus.

Here are five reasons why students should live off-campus.

Peace and quiet

Moving off-campus means students could live in a less-populated area with fewer people around. Students will have fewer students as neighbors, which will decrease the amount of noise. Also there is less foot and vehicle traffic when living off-campus, so there is a slower pace.

Since the pace is slower off-campus, students can take advantage of nature trails and bike paths. This allows students to walk and bike around without the flow of constant traffic.


Students who live off-campus can invite more friends over because they have more space. This allows students to entertain more guests and have more living room furniture. Students can also have their friends over later since there is no curfew living off-campus.


Living off-campus means students can also have their own bedroom. They no longer have to share a bedroom with a roommate, which means students can decorate the room however they want. There’s flexibility to design a personalized space that works best for them.

Rise Leasing Office

The Rise leasing office is located downtown on East College Avenue, a few blocks away from the location of its future apartment complex. Oct. 25, 2017.

With more alone time, students can study and relax without being bothered. Furthermore, they’ll have more space in their bedroom for furniture, appliances and clothes.


Rather than sharing a bathroom with everyone on their dorm floor, students can have a personal bathroom or only have to share the bathroom with a few people when living off campus. Students do not have to wait in line for the bathroom or shower.

Students can also leave their toiletries in the bathroom and not worry about them disappearing. There’s more flexibility in decorating bathrooms, too. With a more personalized bathroom, students have full control over its cleanliness.


Instead of eating at the dining hall on campus, students have more eating options when living off campus. They can cook meals in their own kitchen or go out to eat at nearby restaurants.

Also, students can walk into their own kitchens and grab something to eat, rather than waiting in line at the dining hall. They can purchase a toaster, coffee maker or other appliances for their apartment or house.

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