Dorm Room

A dorm room filled with student belongings.

Dorms can seem a bit bland and uninviting when students first move in. But there are many ways to transform an old dorm room into a new, comforting home.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to give an old dorm a makeover.

Add some photos of treasured things back home

Adding a few pictures of friends, family, pets or anything personal can help make a dorm feel cozier. Adding some framed photos or a couple Polaroids on the bulletin board help remind freshmen of what they cherish back home.

Penn State student Kymberle Shields has photos of her family hanging up on her lights in her dorm.

“It reminds me of my family a lot, and I miss them, so it’s nice to see them,” Shields (freshman-biobehavioral health) said.

Hang up artwork to show style and add some color

Adding pieces of art to a dorm is a great way help brighten it up and add nice color to a traditional dorm. There are countless options to express one’s unique style.

For example, tapestries and flags are a great and easy way to cover up a wall while showing off personal style. Shane Lusby has many flags hanging up in his dorm.

“I have an American flag , ‘Saturdays are for the boys’ flag, and ‘Don’t Tread on Me ” flag,” Lusby (freshman-division of undergraduate studies) said.

Posters are also a great option to make a dorm more individualized — whether it be of a favorite band or singer, a motivational quote or Penn State team to show some school spirit.

Cameron Hufmann has artwork in her dorm, which she said makes her feel more at home.

“My Pink Floyd poster reminds me of home because I’ve listened to them all my life,” Hufmann (freshman-chemistry) said.

Dorm Room

A dorm room filled with student belongings.

Add different plants and flowers to freshen the space

Plants and flowers can turn a stuffy dorm into a brighter environment. In downtown State College, outdoor farmers markets are held every Tuesday and Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Located on Locust Lane between College Avenue and Beaver Avenue, fresh cut flowers and small plants can be found.

Since college students are usually busy, low-maintenance options are more convenient. Artificial flowers are inexpensive and can be easily found at stores like Target. There’s many plants requiring minimum care and sunlight, such as cacti and bamboo plants, which are great decorative pieces.

Add hanging lights to bright up the room

Lights can really light up a room — obviously. But, they can do so much more. Hanging lights are an easy way to spice up a dorm, and there’s many different options depending on preference.

Moving from home to a dorm room may not seem luxurious, but a little dorm decorating can turn a lifeless dorm into a new cozy home.

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