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WWE Raw 30th Anniversary Betting Odds, News, Rumors & Betting Guide


The Raw 30th-anniversary event will air live on the USA Network from inside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Monday night, January 23. What makes this event even more special is that it is the Raw go-home show for the WWE Royal Rumble.

Several matches have been booked for the Raw 30th-anniversary show (formerly called Raw 30) on January 23, including a women’s steel cage match and a WWE United States Championship defense, and the list of legendary appearances continues to grow.

Below, we take a look at the latest news surrounding the Raw 30th-anniversary event in Philadelphia, give our predictions on the booked matches and storylines, and cover how WWE betting odds work and where you can bet on WWE events.

WWE Raw 30th Anniversary Event Information

  • Date: January 23
  • Time: Monday night @ 8 P.M. EST
  • Location: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA
  • Broadcast: USA Network
  • Odds: Click here

Tickets are still available for the Monday Night Raw 30th anniversary event in Philadelphia. If you can’t make it in person, you can watch it live on the USA Network alongside millions of fans that comprise the WWE universe.

How to Bet on the WWE Raw 30th Anniversary Event


Not every wrestling fan is keen on this, but you can actually bet on several AEW and WWE shows throughout the year.

While betting odds are usually provided for pay-per-views, because the WWE Monday night episode of Raw is so special, we suspect that BetOnline — who have already released odds for the Royal Rumble — will release betting options a day or two before the event.

Before you can capitalize on the amazing WWE betting odds at BetOnline, which is known as the best site to bet on a WWE event, you will need to create an account first.

Signing up with BetOnline is a swift process:

Step One: Sign Up

Step Two: Verify Your Email

  • Look for an email from BetOnline after signing up
  • Click the link in the email to verify your email address
  • You will then be directed back to the BetOnline homepage

Step 3: Deposit & Bet

  • Visit the cashier at the top of the page
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That’s it! You are now ready to bet on Raw 30, the Royal Rumble, or any provided WWE event with the best odds.

Raw 30th Anniversary Matches (Booked Thus Far)

  • Steel Cage: Becky Lynch vs. Bayley
  • WWE Raw Tag Team Titles: The Usos (C) vs. Dominik Mysterio & Damian Priest
  • WWE United States Championship: Austin Theory (C) vs. Bobby Lashley
  • Bloodline Acknowledgement Ceremony  

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos will defend the Raw tag titles against Judgement Day members Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest.

In a steel cage match, Becky Lynch will take on her rival and the leader of Damage Control, Bayley. WWE Raw 30 will mark just the third time Becky Lynch and Bayley have faced each other one-on-one, and the first time they have squared off inside a steel cage.

Last Monday night on Raw, Bobby Lashley won a Six-Man Elimination match to earn a title shot against WWE United States Champion Austin Theory, and it looks like the Hurt Business may be back in action.

Bianca Belair and Alexa Bliss solidified their Royal Rumble match during the last episode of Raw, and the two brawled as Uncle Howdy made an appearance. So, it’s likely that Alexa Bliss will continue her spiral into darkness at Raw 30 on January 23, most likely in another confrontation with Bianca Belair.

We also wouldn’t be surprised if Brock Lesnar makes an appearance, though the WWE may be reserving the next Brock Lesnar booking for a PPV.

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WWE Hall-of-Famers Scheduled for Raw 30

Three decades of Monday Night Raw is a milestone, and several WWE Hall-of-Famers are scheduled to appear, including the return of “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and The Undertaker. Let’s take a look:

  • The Road Dogg
  • Ron Simmons
  • X-Pac
  • “Nature Boy” Ric Flair
  • Shawn Michaels
  • The Undertaker
  • Kurt Angle
  • The Bella Twins
  • Jerry “The King” Lawler
  • Teddy Long

Claim a Bonus to Bet on WWE Events

BetOnline provides generous bonuses for both new and returning bettors alike.

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How to Read WWE Betting Odds

If you are new to betting on the WWE, the odds may appear a bit confusing at first. But reading WWE betting odds is easier than it appears, so you will be able to bet on WWE events like a pro in no time.

Betting odds are presented as negative (such as -300) and positive (such as +200) figures. The negative number represents the odds-on winning favorites, and the positive figure represents underdogs.

The positive and negative odds are based on $100 bets that are scaled to the actual amount wagered. For example, when BetOnline releases the betting odds for the WWE Raw 30th anniversary show, they may list the WWE United States Championship match as:

  • Austin Theory +200, Bobby Lashley -300

In this example, Austin Theory has underdog odds and Bobby Lashley has winning-favorite odds. If you are betting on Bobby Lashley to win at -300 odds, you would have to bet $300 for a chance to win a profit of $100 ($400 total).

Or, if you were to bet $100 on Austin Theory at +200 underdog betting odds, you would stand to win a return of $200 ($300 total).

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WWE Raw 30th Anniversary News, Analysis & Predictions


Last Monday Night Raw surprised the WWE universe with several happenings that impacted the upcoming Raw 30th anniversary show. Other occurrences outside of Raw will likely have an influence on the anniversary event in Philadelphia this Monday night.

WWE News: Three Organizations Hired to Advise on WWE Sale

The WWE has been anything but calm as of late. After stepping down as WWE CEO, chairman, and head of creative amid numerous sexual misconduct allegations that totaled $19.6 million in hush money, majority WWE shareholder Vince McMahon recently returned to the company.

During his absence, Vince McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, and Nick Kahn became co-CEO while Triple H handled the creative booking.  

WWE rumors are circulating that both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, Stephanie’s husband, opposed Vince McMahon returning and the company being sold. Since Vince’s return, Stephanie McMahon has stepped down from the company but Triple H still has the books.

It was speculated that Vince McMahon returned to head the sale of the WWE. Despite false rumors, the WWE has yet to be sold, but three groups were brought in to assist with the sale: the Raine Group LLC (advisors of the 2016 UFC sale to Endeavor), Kirkland & Ellis LLP, and August LLP.

The three likely contenders to purchase the company are Endeavor, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (WWE holds several events a year in Saudi Arabia), and Comcast/NBCUniversal (who platform Monday Night Raw on the USA Network and Peacock’s massive WWE library, formerly the WWE Network).  

The Raw 30th anniversary would already be a big happening, but given the rumors that Vince McMahon is selling the WWE, many wrestling pundits are expecting this event to be one of the biggest shows in modern WWE history.

While Raw 30 would undoubtedly be big on its own, given the rumors of a looming WWE sale paired with it being the Raw go-home show for the Royal Rumble, Triple H and other higher-ups in the company will likely provide fans with huge surprises on Monday night in Philadelphia.

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Bobby Lashley Wins Six-Man Elimination Match for U.S. Title Shot

This past Monday Night Raw, six former WWE United States champions squared off in a rare Six-Man Elimination match to determine the No. 1 contender to challenge the champion, Austin Theory.

The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Baron Corbin, Finn Balor, Seth “Freakin” Rollins, and “The Almighty” Bobby Lashley stepped into the squared circle, and Austin Theory joined the commentary team at ringside.

Here is the order of eliminations:

  • Seth Rollins eliminated The Miz with the stomp
  • Seth Rollins eliminated Dolph Ziggler via a pedigree
  • Seth Rollins eliminated Finn Balor with the stomp
  • Lashley eliminated Baron Corbin via a spear
  • Bobby Lashley eliminated Seth Rollins with the spear  

WWE U.S. Title: Austin Theory vs. Bobby Lashley Predictions

In the six-man contest during the last Monday Night Raw on January 16, MVP and Omos made their presence clear at ringside. Near the finish of the match, Austin Theory struck Bobby Lashley with the U.S. title, which enticed Omos to attack Theory.

The two remaining wrestlers in the ring were Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley. After Seth Rollins stomped the massive Omos on the ringside table and brawled with MVP and Theory, he rolled back into the ring and was met with a spear from Lashley to secure the pinfall.

Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley have feuded over the U.S. title in the past, and they are two of a handful of WWE superstars who have helped the WWE United States Championship become relevant again.

Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins are two of just a handful of WWE superstars who have helped the U.S. title become relevant again. A feud with Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins makes sense, but this time Lashley could play the heel.

We feel that the WWE is going to turn Bobby Lashley heel during his match with Austin Theory at the Raw 30th anniversary show and have Lashley win the U.S. title in the process.

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WWE Raw 30: Austin Theory vs. Bobby Lashley Pick

  • Bobby Lashley

WWE Raw Tag Titles: The Usos vs. Judgement Day

Two weeks ago on Raw, Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio secured an opportunity to challenge The Usos for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships. That match will occur during the Raw 30th anniversary event on January 23 in Philadelphia.

The Bloodline is stronger than ever, and while the WWE has been pushing, we think the company will continue to push Mysterio more in singles competition than in tag team matches.

Plus, Jimmy and Jey Uso are heels and dropping the belts after a dominant run to another heel team just doesn’t seem likely.

WWE Raw 30: The Usos vs. Judgement Day Pick

  • The Usos

Steel Cage Match: Becky Lynch vs. Bayley

During Monday Night Raw on January 16, Becky Lynch took to the ring and called out Bayley, who obliged with Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky in tow.

After the two trash-talked for a bit, Lynch challenged Bayley to a steel cage match on January 23 for Raw 30 to make sure that members of Damage Control don’t become involved in the match. Though she was a little hesitant, Bayley accepted the challenge.

Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley are the top two who are rumored to be winning the women’s Royal Rumble match. Becky will need strong heels to feud against before and after that, and a steel cage is a perfect way to boost Bayley’s stock while keeping “The Man” looking strong.

As wrestling fans know, a steel cage does a lot of things but ensuring there is no outside interference is not one of them. We think Bayley will win this match but with help from the other Damage Control members to ensure that Becky Lynch remains to look strong.

Even if Becky Lynch doesn’t win the Rumble, losing to Bayley because of outside shenanigans will help make this feud even hotter while strengthening the heel faction of Damage Control.

WWE Raw 30: Bayley vs. Becky Lynch (Steel Cage) Pick

  • Bayley

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WWE Raw 30: Bloodline Acknowledgement Ceremony

Every time he makes an appearance, Tribal Chief Roman Reigns demands those in attendance acknowledge him. Well, it’s now apparently time for the entire Bloodline to acknowledge Reigns in an official ceremony at Raw 30 on January 23.

During Monday Night Raw on January 16, the Usos announced that “every generation of the Bloodline” will pay tribute to Roman Reigns. Of the WWE Hall-of-Famers that have been named to appear on Raw 30, none of them are Samoan wrestlers.

Most likely, this means they are saving some big names for this segment, such as the Wild Samoans, Rikishi, and maybe even Jimmy Uso’s wife, Naomi, will make her return to the company. Of course, one can’t help but ask…

Will the Rock Return at Raw 30 in Philadelphia?

It’s no secret that the Rock is one of the top names rumored to win the men’s Royal Rumble match, who would then go on to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

If the Rock is returning this year to (presumably) put Reigns over at WrestleMania, returning earlier than expected at the Raw 20th anniversary show would be huge.

There is little doubt that this Bloodline ceremony will break down at Raw 30, which will probably be the final segment of the show. Kevin Owens is currently feuding with the Bloodline and is set to face Roman Reigns for the gold at the Rumble, so he will likely interrupt the celebration.

Kevin Owens getting some backup by The Rock, and possibly even Drew McIntyre, would be a history-making moment for Raw 30, as would Sami Zayn turning face against Roman Reigns.

The WWE appears to be booking Sami Zayn to turn face and reunite with Owens. If Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens teamed up with The Rock and another WWE superstar like SmackDown’s Drew McIntyre, it would be a perfect group to feud with Roman Reigns and the Bloodline.

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Two More WWE Hall-of-Famers Rumored for Raw 30

The list of WWE Hall-of-Famers scheduled to be at Raw 30 is major, including the return of the canceled Ric Flair and “The Dead Man” himself, The Undertaker.

The WWE is likely withholding some hall-of-Famers for the sake of surprising those in attendance in Philadelphia and fans watching from around the globe. PWInsider recently reported that Kane, also known as Mayor of Knox County, TN, Glenn Jacobs.

And it’s hard to talk about the history of Monday Night Raw without mentioning the wrestler who brought the all-time biggest ratings to the WWE show, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

The “Texas Rattlesnake” had a long feud with Mr. McMahon, which largely transpired on Raw, and some of Austin’s biggest matches happened on Monday Night Raw.

Aside from his occasional video show on Peacock, Steve Austin was last seen in the WWE making his long-awaited return to in-ring action at last year’s WrestleMania. Austin remains on good terms with the company, so it seems very likely that Steve Austin will be one of the surprises for Raw 30.

The WWE History of Monday Night Raw

WWE’s ratings and attendance suffered in the early ‘90s. Though it was a new decade, the WWE product still featured gimmicky characters (Mantaur anyone?) and shows that reflected the 1980s.

To make their product fresh, on January 11, 1993, WWE Raw debuted on the USA Network, replacing Prime Time Wrestling. For the first 11 episodes, Raw aired live from the Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center in New York City.

The modest size of the Grand Ballroom created an intimate essence, and it also solved the problem the WWE had with trying to conceal empty seats when their shows were booked at larger arenas.

Though the matches were nothing special at first, it wouldn’t be too long before Raw became the platform to showcase WWE history-making moments. Recently, the WWE released a video listing the most shocking Raw moment from every year. Let’s take a look!

Most Shocking WWE Raw Moment from 1993-2022

Below is the official list by the WWE of the top shocking moment from every Raw year. From multiple Money in the Bank (MITB) moments to betrayals, this list will certainly bring back some memories for longtime wrestling fans.

  • 1993: The 1-2-3 Kid scores an upset over Razor Ramon
  • 1994: Bob Backlund snaps and attacks a staff member of the WWE Magazine
  • 1995: The British Bulldog turn heel on Diesel
  • 1996: The Undertaker is attacked by Mankind
  • 1997: Mr. McMahon is stunned by Steve Austin for the first time
  • 1998: Steve Austin and Mike Tyson have a pull-apart brawl
  • 1999: Mick Foley wins the WWE title for the first time
  • 2000: It is revealed that Rikishi ran over Steve Austin (yes, with a car)
  • 2001: Shane McMahon announces live on Nitro that he purchased WCW
  • 2002: Brock Lesnar makes his WWE debut
  • 2003: Undertaker’s brother, Kane, is unmasked
  • 2004: Randy Orton is betrayed by Evolution
  • 2005: John Cena gets drafted to Raw
  • 2006: DX is reunited
  • 2007: Santino Marella get an upset over Umaga
  • 2008: Big Show challenges Floy Mayweather Jr.
  • 2009: Randy Orton’s home is invaded by Triple H
  • 2010: The Miz cashes in the MITB against Randy Orton for his first WWE title win
  • 2011: The Rock makes his WWE return
  • 2012: Brock Lesnar returns to the WWE
  • 2013: Dolph Ziggler cashes in the MITB against Alberto Del Rio to become world champ
  • 2014: Seth Rollins betrays The Shield
  • 2015: Roman Reigns defeats Shamus to win the WWE Championship
  • 2016: Triple H helps Kevin Owens in becoming WWE Universal champ
  • 2017: Big Show and Braun Strowman implode a WWE ring
  • 2018: SmackDown’s women superstars invade Raw
  • 2019: Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, and Charlotte Flair get arrested
  • 2020: Randy Orton attacks Beth Phoenix
  • 2021: Big E cashes in on Bobby Lashley to become WWE champ
  • 2022: Braun Strowman returns

You can revisit all these moments ahead of Raw 30 on NBC’s streaming platform, Peacock, and tickets are still available in Philadelphia for the Raw 30th-anniversary show on January 23.

Where to Bet on WWE Raw 30 (January 2023)

BetOnline is the best betting site for wagering on WWE events. Betting odds have yet to be released for Raw 30, though we think markets will soon be available, so check back with the bookmaker often. For now, you can get great Royal Rumble betting odds at BetOnline.

Below are just a few reasons why BetOnline is the best site for betting on the WWE.

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Online Casino: If you are an iGamer, BetOnline is a one-stop-shop for all your betting desires, offering a world-renowned poker room, a traditional real money online casino with over 450 games, and a live dealer casino.

Innovative Interface: The stellar BetOnline software provides lightning-fast response times, and the user interface is extremely easy and fun to use. Navigating your way around the WWE betting site is a breeze, as is reading the lines and building your bet ticket.

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Check out these guides if you’re interested in online casino games:

Why You Should Bet on WWE Raw 30 Online

While some old-school bettors may prefer placing their action at brick-and-mortar sportsbooks from years gone by, the vast majority of WWE bettors prefer doing so online.

Betting on WWE events online is the best way to take advantage of betting odds (since you can wager quickly before the odds shift); it’s the most convenient way to bet because you can do so from anywhere, and you get the most markets at BetOnline than at land-based bookmakers.

Plus, a physical bookie is not likely to give you a bonus to bet on the WWE, but BetOnline sure does. New and returning BetOnline customers can take advantage of a bonus of up to $1,000, which can be used for betting on WWE events.

Guide to Betting on WWE Events


Is Betting on WWE Events Online Safe?

Yes, it is safe to be on the WWE or any sporting event online, given that you are doing so at reputable and licensed WWE betting sites like BetOnline and SportsBetting.AG.

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When is the WWE Raw 30th Anniversary Event?

Raw 30 will air live on the USA Network Monday night on January 23.

Where is WWE Raw 30 Taking Place?

Raw 30 takes place on January 23 from Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Who are the Biggest WWE Hall-of-Famers Booked at Raw 30?

There are several massively popular WWE Hall-of-Famers scheduled for the Raw 30th-anniversary special, including Ric Flair, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, and Shawn Michaels. Raw 30 will be the first WWE appearance of Ric Flair since the company cut ties with him after Flair was “canceled.”

What Will be the Biggest Surprise at Raw 30?

We think that The Rock may make his WWE return at the Raw 30th-anniversary event to crash Roman Reigns’ celebration.

Bobby Lashley turning heel and winning the WWE U.S. title is also possible. We may even get the long-awaited face turn of Sami Zayn.

When Will Alexa Bliss Challenge Bianca Belair?

Bianca Belair will defend the WWE Women’s Raw Championship against Alexa Bliss at the Royal Rumble.

Though they were both members of Team Belair at the WWE Survivor Series, recently, their friendship went sour, and Bianca Belair and Alexa Bliss had a violent altercation on Raw; you can expect Alexa Bliss and Bianca Belair to have another confrontation on January 23 at Raw 30.

Why is Vince McMahon Reportedly Selling the WWE?

There are two rumored reasons why Vince McMahon is likely selling the WWE: if the company becomes private, he can resume his role as head of creative, or McMahon could simply want to cash out on the massive billion-dollar property.

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Ready to Bet on WWE Raw 30?

It’s hard to believe that Raw is celebrating its 30th anniversary this Monday night on the USA Network live from Philadelphia. It should be one of the biggest WWE shows of the year, and the WWE history-making Raw episode will no doubt be packed with fun surprises.

We recommend placing all your WWE bets at BetOnline because they offer the best WWE betting odds, fast payouts, and valuable bonuses for both new and returning bettors alike.

Whether you are betting on WWE Raw 30, the Royal Rumble, or any sporting event, please bet responsibly and remember to have fun.

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Disclaimer: Check your local laws to ensure online gambling is available and legal where you live. Underage gambling is an offense, all sites are 18+ ONLY. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly and only bet what you can afford. Casinos listed may not be available in your region.

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This post is provided by a third party who may receive compensation from the companies whose products or services are mentioned.