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13 Best Project Management Software: A Comprehensive Guide


Enter the bustling world of Project Management Software! Whether running a small team or a large company, trying to keep up with tasks, due dates, and collaboration with your colleagues can be intimidating.

Fortunately, project management software is here to help you out. With the wide range of choices in the market, it can be challenging to pick the right program.

That is why we have put together a list of the top project management software programs with free PM software trials so you can easily manage your workflow and keep your group on schedule.

From capability-rich task management software to cooperation tools, these free trials can help you to begin with suitable project management software for your requirements.

13 Best Project Management Software

  • Best Project Management Software Overall
  • ClickUp Best For Agile Development Teams
  • Asana Best for Collaboration
  • Wrike Best for Managing Projects and Ongoing Work
  • Zoho Projects Best for Small and Growing Teams
  • Trello Best for Cross-Platform Project Management Software Solution
  • Teamwork Best For Client-Facing Service Providers
  • Celoxis Best All-In-One Project Management Software
  • Birdview PSA Best for Resource Management and Collaboration
  • Smartsheet Best for Automations
  • Microsoft 365 Best for Integration
  • Scoro Best for Professional and Creative Services
  • Nifty Best for Communication and Task Management
Project Management SoftwareFeaturesServicesFeesIntegrationAvailability of Free PlanGantt Charts
Monday.comCustomizable workflows and dashboardsProject and task management, team collaborationStarts at $8/user/month (billed annually)Over 50 integrations including Zapier and SlackOffers a 14 days free trialYes
ClickUpCustomizable dashboards and templatesTask and project management, time trackingStarts at $5/user/month (billed annually) for unlimited tasks and projects, additional features extraOver 50 integrations including Zapier and SlackOffers a free planYes
AsanaCustomizable dashboards and templatesProject and task management, team collaborationStarts at $10.99/user/month (billed annually)Over 100 integrations including Zapier and SlackOffers a free planYes
WrikeCustomizable dashboards and templatesProject and task management, team collaborationStarts at $9.80/user/month (billed annually)Over 400 integrations including Zapier and SlackOffers a free planYes
Zoho ProjectsCustomizable dashboards and templatesProject and task management, team collaborationStarts at $4/user/month (billed annually)Over 40 integrations including Zapier and SlackOffers a free planYes
TrelloKanban-style boardsTask and project management, team collaborationStarts at $5/user/month (billed annually)Over 100 integrations including Zapier and SlackOffers a free planYes

We utilized a thorough assessment of a number of components such as features, services, fees, integration, the presence of free plans, and Gantt charts to create our evaluations of the top project management software.

We additionally looked at the user interface, simplicity of use, Project Management Software capabilities, team collaboration, and customization possibilities of each program.

Moreover, we also took into account the customer service, security, and dependability of the project managing system in our decision-making process.

Finally, we formed our ranking based on an overall appraisal of these factors and the appropriateness of the software for different types of users and businesses. – Best Project Management Software Overall



Fees: Starting at $8 per month

Star rating: 4.9/5 is an internet-based project control technology that offers a variety of features to help teams organize their workflows and enhance cooperation.

It has a user-friendly interface and custom options for managing projects which include resources and Project Management Software, time accounting, cooperation, and reporting facilities.

For instance, users can upload and include documents to cards, make remarks, mention fellow workers, and more. It also provides an incredible project reporting dashboard that can accumulate data from various boards, allowing better tracking of progress.

While doesn't provide an entire set of tools for project accounting and invoicing services like other programs, you can use it to keep tabs on hours, timelines, and invoices.

This instrument is incredibly adjustable, permitting you to adopt any system of working, whether it’s Kanban or something else, that is suitable for your assignment and group. Additionally, there are some helpful work process apparatuses to automate portions of your work.



Why we chose it: If you’re running a small team that has minimal earnings, then the free version of allows you to organize tasks with adaptable boards so that your group can work with its own norms.

You can make special boards with more than 200 layouts and unrestricted documents. Even your squad members can operate in a remote manner via the mobile applications for iOS and Android.

When you’re ready to undertake complicated, bigger team tasks,'s plans can expand as per your requirements.


  • Constant updates bring brand-new options
  • Too many examples to choose from
  • It's the app for your phone
  • Appearance-wise, it's appealing, and it's also quite flexible
  • There's a free version if you're interested
  • Gantt and Kanban diagrams
  • The ability to try out premium services without spending a dime is provided for free
  • Working together as a community, inside and outside of institutions
  • There are a lot of connections


  • Disorganized whiteboards for particularly involved or difficult tasks
  • Complex design with a high learning curve
  • There is a lack of reporting flexibility
  • New features frequently experience bugs
  • Low-tier plans have fewer bells and whistles

Features is a Project Managing Software that offers a variety of functionalities, including resource and project control, monitoring of hours worked, working together, handling of documents, and the generation of reporting panels.


Zapier can be used to access a wide array of Project Management Software such as Slack, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Jira, GitHub, Trello, Dropbox, and Typeform.

Plans & Pricing

  • Individual: Free for upto two seats
  • Basic: $8/user/month (billed annually), best for small teams
  • Standard: $10/user/month (billed annually), best for managing work
  • Pro: $16/user/month (billed annually), best for companies to connect with teams
  • Enterprise: Best for organizations to run and scale workflow, Contact for pricing

ClickUp – Best Project Management Software For Agile Development Teams



Fee: Starting at $5 per month

Star rating: 4.6/5

ClickUp is a powerful Project Management Software with a wide range of features to assist teams in accomplishing their goals from one central location.

This Project Managing Software allows users to organize tasks, manage resources, and collaborate with other team members and stakeholders, all in one place.

The software also has features that enable users to create, distribute, and jointly edit wikis and documents. It provides a platform to comment on tasks and documents, assign comments and chat with other members of the team for improved communication and collaboration.

Task management features include task checklists, subtasks, and task templates, as well as the ability to sort, search, quickly rearrange and view tasks to best suit the team's needs.

Additionally, Gantt charts, calendars, and timelines can be created to illustrate tasks.

Why we chose it: ClickUp is an excellent choice for teams that rely on the Scrum methodology for product development.

Not only does it have all the characteristics of a top-tier Project Management Software, but it also provides templates and additional features that enable the implementation of an Agile software development process.


  • Solid construction
  • Expertise in organizing and completing tasks
  • Structured examples
  • Individuals can sign up for a free lifetime plan
  • Incorporations in Excess of a Thousand
  • Perspectives abound
  • A Wide Variety of Automated Choices
  • Effectively handle intricate assignments


  • Badly designed mobile app
  • Problems with timekeeping are not uncommon
  • Sometimes Project Managing Platforms can make first-time users feel lost
  • Pricing at the highest tiers might be prohibitive for some smaller enterprises


ClickUp is a project managing software that offers speedy report production and multiple users can access whiteboards in real-time. It also provides various views of tasks and objectives and makes it easy to track milestones, plus there is a selection of customizable templates available.


With our expertise in copywriting, content writing, and digital marketing, we can help you set up an array of project management software such as Slack, G Suite, and Dropbox plus additional applications.

Additionally, we have over a thousand connections already established through Zapier that can integrate seamlessly with your software for maximum efficiency. With our focus on creating compelling content that is optimized for both SEO and conversions, you can expect nothing but the best from us.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free Forever: Free seat for personal use
  • Unlimited: $5/user/month (billed annually), best for small teams
  • Business: $12/user/month (billed annually), best for mid-sized companies
  • Business Plus: $19/user/month (billed annually), best for multiple teams
  • Enterprise: Best for many large teams, contact ClickUp for pricing

Asana – Best Project Management Software for Collaboration



Fee: Starting at $10.99 per month

Star rating: 4.3/5

Asana is a user-friendly Project Management Software that is ideal for both small and large projects, which is why it has earned its place on our list of best project management software.

This Project Managing Software has been designed to organize tasks and subtasks into sections that can be allocated to either an individual or a group of people.

The app allows for the development of to-do lists and the setting of reminders so deadlines are always met, plus users are able to add due dates, colleagues, instructions to tasks, and comments on items.

There is also the capability to share pictures from other apps (like Google Drive) via Asana. Moreover, you can monitor every individual and team activity to ensure the project is on track and to plan future schedules.

Project managing software gives you the ability to view a list of teams and individuals working on specific projects and easily locate completed tasks. There is also a search function that makes it easy to find what you're looking for.

Why we chose it: This software has Team Pages that allow everyone to partake in conversations and exchange ideas. Additionally, it has a feature called 'Smart Box' which informs team members of only critical project updates, instead of all the communication that transpires.


  • Adaptable processes
  • Simple to use design
  • Adaptable qualities in managing projects
  • Strong capabilities for working together


  • Tough starting point
  • Inundating alerts
  • Less monitoring options
  • Fewer possibilities for personalization


Asana offers a number of useful capabilities, like task administration, enabling users to generate, delegate, and keep track of tasks; a calendar view which supplies an observable display of project timelines and cut-off dates; and team cooperation functions including remarks, tags, and notices which assist teams to work together fluently.


It’s effortless to incorporate Asana with many popular apps, such as Google Drive, Slack, and Zapier, allowing it to be utilized in conjunction with other tools.

Plans & Pricing

  • Basic: Accessible to be utilized individually or by small groups of people without any cost
  • Premium: $10.99/user/month (billed annually), best for teams to create project plans
  • Business: $24.99/user/month (billed annually), best for companies to manage

Wrike – Best Project Management Software for Managing Projects and Ongoing Work



Fee: Starting at $9.80 per month

Star rating: 4/5

Wrike is a renowned Project Management Software that is appropriate for teams of five or more and it’s able to accommodate an indefinite number of users.

The software is highly customizable and it permits users to personalize the dashboards, workflows, reports, and request forms.

Wrike is a user-friendly project managing software that allows users to easily move from Kanban boards, interactive Gantt charts, and conventional workload views, giving them the freedom to decide how best to arrange their projects.

The software offers task lists, subtasks, schedules, shared workflows, file sharing, and real-time collaboration and communication.

Additionally, users can get an in-depth understanding of their projects with performance reporting tools, resource management, and allocation, among other features.

Why we chose it: Wrike provides ready-made processes for activities like welcoming new employees, managing events, and creating designs.

It’s suitable for people in the creative industry, consultants, and experts in professional services, information technology, engineering, and marketing groups.


  • Marketing, design, and HR departments may all benefit from their own distinct sorts of accounts, as can the professional services industry
  • Capable of overseeing both new and current tasks
  • Facilitated usage
  • Intelligent new features warn about faltering projects


  • Costly when compared to similar equipment
  • Many features are locked behind paid upgrades or additional plans
  • Taking more time to learn


Wrike provides its users with a plethora of features, such as pre-made templates, custom request forms, interactive Gantt diagrams, visual approvals, automated workflows, time monitoring, project portfolio governance, and dashboards.


Wrike has access to over four hundred integrations that are already built-in, such as Microsoft, Google, and Dropbox file Project Management Software services, as well as Salesforce and Marketo sales and marketing applications.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free: $0 for teams getting started
  • Team: $9.8/user/month (billed annually), best for growing teams
  • Business: $24.8/user/month (billed annually), best for all teams across on organization
  • Enterprise: Best for large teams, contact Wrike for pricing
  • Pinnacle: Best for teams with complex work, contact Wrike for pricing

Zoho Projects – Best Project Management Software for Small and Growing Teams



Fee: Starting from $4 per month

Star rating: 3.9/5

Zoho is a web-based customer relationship management software suite optimized for the management of leads, transactions, and pipelines. It includes functions like account control, lead tracking, potential tracing, and other sales activities.

Zoho also has a native chatroom with the choice of being private or open and the capability to monitor the time invested in jobs. The tool offers characteristics beyond the limits of task and marketing management, including Human Resources and financial control.

Furthermore, users can make use of a Zoho CRM integration to link the platform to other common work tools they already use.

Why we chose it: To help with the organization and oversight of projects, Zoho Projects' Gantt chart offers the ability to divide major projects into smaller sections and tasks that can be accomplished, plan and review the various jobs and objectives, and generate task lists to aid in more thorough preparation.


  • Features that are extremely durable
  • Affordable membership packages
  • Existing Zoho users will be comfortable with the UI and can benefit from the bundles
  • With up to five users, the basic plan is free
  • Compatibility with Google and Zoho applications
  • Billing by the hour is made possible using timekeeping software


  • Several reporting features are missing
  • For huge groups, reporting tools fail
  • Inability to export certain file types
  • Lacks Quickbooks compatibility
  • Using Gantt charts is a hassle


Zoho Projects offers a wide array of services, such as tasks in Project Management Software, automation of tasks, creation of blueprints, tracking of time and issues, generation of reports, and online forums where members of the team can have elaborate conversations.


By being a part of the Zoho community, you can link to many of their other platforms, such as Zoho Books and the Zoho finance suite. There is also a Zoho marketplace that features integrations from 3rd parties such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Zapier, Zendesk, and ServiceNow. Connections via Zapier and Zoho Flow are also possible.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free: $0 for up to three users
  • Premium: $4/user/month (billed annually), with a free 10-day trial
  • Enterprise: $9/user/month (billed annually), with a free 10-day trial

Trello – Best Project Management Software for cross-platform project management solution



Fee: Starting from $5 per month

Star rating: 3.6/5

In recent years, Trello has become a favored application for project management software. It can be used on computers, tablets, and mobile phones to manage personal and professional projects. Fender, Google, and Kickstarter are among the many companies that make use of Trello.

Boards are set up to coordinate projects, assign tasks, develop custom workflows, create to-do lists inside task cards, attach documents, and comment on tasks. The program is designed to manage all aspects of a project, no matter if it’s a group endeavor or a single person’s responsibility.

Why we chose it: Being structured on the kanban card-oriented method of managing, Trello is equipped with a straightforward interface and an abundant free package that makes it the perfect platform for people and insignificant teams to commence with fundamental project administration.


  • Cloud-based
  • Together, we accomplished more
  • Power-ups are a wide variety of add-ons that expand the capabilities of your board and are compatible with several systems
  • Clever automation advice based on your routine behaviors


  • Reviewers have complained about having difficulty getting in touch with service
  • Not a dependable source for in-depth analyses
  • Inadequate for intricate tasks
  • No built-in timekeeping features


Trello is a great tool for organization, with its ability to make boards for various projects and use cards for individual tasks. It also provides a collaborative platform, allowing team members to comment, attach files, and tag each other.

Furthermore, users can use project managing software to set deadlines, create checklists, and apply labels and filters to help manage their projects.


Trello has the capability to connect with numerous well-known external applications, such as Google Drive, Slack, and GitHub, thus allowing it to be effortlessly utilized with other programs.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free: $0 for your whole team
  • Standard: $5/user/month (billed annually), best for small teams
  • Premium: $10/user/month (billed annually), best for teams to track multiple projects
  • Enterprise: $17.5/user/month (billed annually), best for organizations to connect work across teams

Teamwork - Best For Client-Facing Service Providers



Fee: Starting from $9.99 per month

Star rating: 3.3/5

Teamwork Projects have been tailored to be able to harmonize with other applications and to create more efficient processes. It has a captivating interface and user-friendly functions that enable clients to fabricate projects and assign tasks and checkpoints.

Teamwork facilitates seamless control of customer relations.

The paid plans permit an unrestricted amount of collaborators which is valuable for independent contractors, advisers, and agencies to collaborate with customers within the same program and provide a project that answers the needs and expectations of clients.

Even though the fees are more expensive than other project managing software rivals, Teamwork offers a 30-day free trial for all packages to enable you to be sure of your selection before paying.

The paid plans include team chat, a shared document editor, admission forms, and client access controls, as well as the ability to monitor the time devoted to tasks and generate invoices.

Clients can comment on project results, to-do lists, and milestones to ensure their requirements are fulfilled.

Why we chose it: Collaboration assists with scheduling jobs, monitoring time spent, allocating resources, and creating reports, all of which are essential for project management software.


  • Extensive space for premium accounts
  • Downloadable at no cost
  • Controlling spending
  • Features for managing clients, such as invoicing, include
  • Each package comes with a free 30-day trial
  • Unlimited team members on premium accounts
  • Unrestricted number of customers


  • Lower grades have fewer security options
  • Its prices are far higher than those of most of its rivals
  • Free version has few features
  • Not many connections


Working together as a unit involves managing tasks, where individuals can initiate and delegate responsibilities and observe the advancement; cooperation capabilities, for example, notes, notifications, and document exchange.

This gives groups the ability to work more efficiently; monitoring the time devoted to different tasks to help users keep track; and project outlines, which empower people to promptly and simply generate new projects.


Working with a team can be facilitated with integrations to a variety of popular applications, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack. The software has a plethora of features, as well as an interface that is easy to use.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free Forever: $0 to 5 users
  • Deliver: $9.99/user/month (billed annually), good for basic Project Management Software
  • Grow: $17.99/user/month (billed annually), best for complex projects
  • Scale: Good for a customized plan, contact Teamwork for pricing

Celoxis – Best Project Management Software All-in-one Project Management Software



Fee: Starting from $25 per month

Star rating: 3/5

Celoxis is an award-winning, all-encompassing project management software that is web-based. It’s equipped with powerful analytical tools and its vivid, interactive charts can give your project data a new life.

This tool enables you to plan and monitor portfolios, tasks, timesheets, issues, resources, projects, and risks, all from one platform.

It’s equipped with numerous collaboration features, including a customizable free customer portal. Its dashboards and reporting abilities are outstanding and among the top in the industry. It’s packed with features, intuitive, and highly adjustable.

Another way Celoxis provides assistance to businesses at the highest level is with its What-If Analysis tool. This is an interactive report where you can observe how personnel, budgets, and other resources are impacted if a certain activity takes place.

For instance, with project managing software, you can run a What-If Analysis to forecast what will happen if your company takes on the three projects it’s bidding on and expects to be hired for.

Why we chose it: Celoxis is quite effortless to implement, with a swift configuration duration. Companies of medium to large sizes will appreciate that it has time monitoring, budgeting, and personnel administration capabilities.


  • Modular, adaptable processes
  • Full functionality
  • Exceptional reporting talents
  • Designed with the user in mind


  • There are no invoicing or billing options
  • Lack of editing aids
  • There is no ad-free version available
  • Insufficient app features


This platform provides simple collaboration functions, enabling users to exchange files, have conversations, and leave feedback to not only colleagues but customers too.

It also gives its users real-time 360-degree insights, letting them get a complete overview of the project through its robust reports and dashboards.

Project managing software can be tailored to fit the team's particular requirements and workflows with its straightforward customization options and user-friendly interface.

Resources can be assigned to tasks with ease, based on their availability, demand, and expertise, making it easy to manage the workloads of the team and ensure that tasks are done in a timely manner.

With all of these features and more, this project management software is an ideal choice for any team that wants to maximize its project management software processes.


Celoxis provides integrations with several famous applications, including Jira, Salesforce, QuickBooks, and Google Drive. These linkages provide teams with the ability to smoothen their processes and get rid of the need to manually enter data or do the same job multiple times.

Plans & Pricing

  • Cloud: $22.5/user/month (billed annually)
  • Premise: Best ROI in the industry, contact Celoxis for pricing

Birdview PSA - Best Project Management Software for Resource Management and Collaboration



Fee: Starts from $15 per month

Star rating: 3.2/5

Birdview is a project managing software platform that provides services organizations with a single source of truth.

This supplies them with improved visibility throughout the whole service delivery lifecycle, making it possible to make data-driven decisions and collaborate more efficiently at important junctures.

The Birdview PSA platform provides the best project management software, resource optimization, project accounting, and a suite of tools to monitor and optimize projects and portfolios.

With the help of project management software, services organizations can access an abundance of features without having to go through a long onboarding process and not have to worry about the budget.

The user-friendly interface and the seamless integration with CRMs, ERPs, and thousands of other applications make project managing software possible.

Why we chose it: Birdview PSA offers teams the ability to precisely manage their portfolios with the help of tools that enable them to allocate funds effectively, assess, and rank several initiatives at the same time.


  • Project Managing Software can provide pre-built reports and dashboards to track key performance indicators and metrics across numerous projects and portfolios
  • Constructed indicators, tools, and alarms to monitor compliance to the delivery date can allocate
  • Plan personnel based on availability, expertise, or fit, or simulate "what-if" situations to prevent conflicts
  • Delivers useful takeaways from earlier results


  • Doesn't have any way to charge for services
  • Does not provide tools for drafting and organizing proposals


Birdview PSA grants managers the capability to allocate resources depending on the level of expertise, availability, and suitability and to create theoretical "what-if" situations to prevent clashes.

This software includes a set of signals, utilities, and warnings to keep track of how close the delivery plan is being followed.

Project managing software provides pre-made reports and dashboards that display the indicators and measurements for different projects and portfolios, helping executive teams make decisions promptly and judiciously.

Furthermore, Birdview PSA assists organizations in prioritizing and ranking upcoming projects or likely customers based on value, risk, strategic integration, and resource necessity.


Birdview's PSA project management software program includes connections to widely used applications such as Microsoft Project, QuickBooks, Salesforce, and HubSpot. Additionally, it offers REST API and webhooks for custom interconnections with other applications.

Plans & Pricing

  • Lite: $13/user/month (billed annually), depending on user type
  • Team: $19/user/month (billed annually) depending on user type
  • Enterprise: Contact Birdview PSA for pricing

Smartsheet – Best Project Management Software for Automation



Fee: Starting from $7 per month

Star rating: 2.9/5

Smartsheet is an organizational tool similar to a spreadsheet. It is helpful to utilize if you’re already comfortable with Excel but don't want to bother with intricate formulas, as Smartsheet manages the computations across multiple sheets.

This platform offers a variety of the best project management software features, for instance, automation of workflow and the capability to show tasks in Gantt, calendar, and card views.

Team members are informed of any amendments required in real time, and the tool provides joint views, a full history, activity logs, automated notifications, reminders, and status reports to make sure everyone is aware of changes. In addition, the Critical Path function pinpoints all the tasks that have a bearing on when the project will be finished, so you can keep an eye on key milestones.

If you're using project managing software, you can customize logos and set color themes for individual projects to give them a distinctive look and feel.

Why we chose it: Smartsheet is a modern alternative to traditional tools as it provides users with a user-friendly experience, required integrations, vast customizability, and the possibility to make changes without coding knowledge, all within a spreadsheet interface.


  • There is a lot of paperwork and help with getting started available
  • Choose one of the many pre-made projects and automate templates to get started right away
  • Easy to navigate UI
  • Interconnecting sheets


  • The Enterprise plan is the only one that has these security enhancements
  • Only the more expensive packages have access to the premium support
  • Some of the features are optional extras


Smartsheet has a variety of capabilities such as displaying dashboards, combining multiple sheets into one report, automating processes, managing resources, providing different views, creating forms to obtain information, and integrating with Brandfolder to manage digital assets.


This platform provides connectivity to a multitude of well-known project managing software applications such as those from Microsoft and Google, useful programming platforms like Jira, and useful business applications including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Slack, Box, and Tableau..

Additionally, the best project management software can be extended to other tools through the use of a REST API and webhooks, which makes it effortless to configure and personalize your workflow.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free: $0 for up to one user and two editors
  • Pro: $7/user/month (billed annually), best for teams with unlimited viewers
  • Business: $25/user/month (billed annually), best for projects with unlimited editors
  • Enterprise: Best for large teams, contact Smartsheet for pricing

Microsoft 365 – Best Project Management Software for Integration



Fee: Starting from $6 per month

Star rating: 2.6/5

Microsoft Office is often viewed as a project managing software, mostly due to its wide use in businesses.

Microsoft Project, the most established Project Management Software instrument available, has been accessible since 1984 and is as yet the favored decision of numerous experienced project directors.

In spite of its higher cost and entangled interface, making it is more proper for those dealing with huge and intricate projects and having the opportunity, skill, and financial plan to exploit it.

Out of our natural comfort with it, many directors tend to use MS Office when they first start investigating project management.

However, spreadsheets and reports were not intended to be utilized together, so it’s better to use them in combination with proper project management software.

MS Project has a comparable look and feel to different projects in the MS Office suite, however, it can be threatening because of the absence of instructional exercises and aides.

Why we chose it: Project managing software is very beneficial for generating reports, with both ready-made and customizable reports that can be quickly converted to Microsoft PowerPoint for those typical managerial overviews.


  • Descriptions of useful project templates to use as a starting point
  • Supports current Office 365 accounts and provides a rating system for drivers to prioritize tactics and goals
  • Prepares a Gantt chart automatically when a spreadsheet is opened
  • It gives specific instructions for each activity


  • The Constraints of Collaborative Technology
  • Fewer opportunities for personalization
  • Overpriced in comparison to the market average
  • Challenging to understand for outsiders
  • Tough starting point


Included with the package are kanban boards, timetables with important dates, Power BI graphic displays, requests for resources, heatmaps for recognizing over-allocation, pre-made layouts, reports, job organization, and portfolio control.


Microsoft 365 is a project managing software that is equipped with a few connections to other Microsoft products, such as Outlook, Excel, Skype, and more.

Plans & Pricing

  • Basic: $6/user/month (billed annually), with a 30-day trial
  • Standard: $12.5/user/month (billed annually), with a 30-day trial
  • Premium: $22/user/month (billed annually), with a 30-day trial
  • Apps for Business: It’s a desktop version of Microsoft Apps for $8.25/user/month (billed annually), with a 30-day trial

Scoro – Best for Professional and Creative Services



Fee: Starting from $26 per month

Star rating: 2.3/5

Scoro is a comprehensive project management software that helps teams supervise and execute projects, tasks, and reports with ease.

It provides a platform to follow tasks and divide them into sub-tasks, assign them to individuals, and set timeframes or goals associated with them. Moreover, the program also allows sending of quotations and bills for quick invoicing.

The all-inclusive design of Scoro incorporated the best project management software, time tracking, invoicing, and reporting into a single platform, making it simpler for teams to handle all aspects of their projects from one place.

In addition, this program also offers detailed reporting features that permit users to view project status reports, uncontrolled time, and projects by accounts.

Why we chose it: Instead of relying on different software applications for each process, Scoro provides a comprehensive solution that encompasses everything from the initial planning and proposals to the execution and collection of invoices.


  • Simple bookkeeping and reporting
  • All customers can get in touch with a phone support team
  • Detailed description of all available options


  • Corporate interface that is boring
  • There is no support for multiple windows
  • A reasonable yet pricey method of pricing


Scoro is a comprehensive work management system that enables teams to effectively plan and allocate tasks, monitor progress, and share information in a timely manner.

It possesses robust analysis and reporting capabilities, providing users with the resources to analyze their projects' performance and make decisions based on the data.


Scoro, the best project management software, provides integrations with various software and apps to facilitate smoother and more effective team collaboration. Some of the most used integrations provided by Scoro are Trello, Zapier, Slack, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office 365.

Plans & Pricing

  • Essential: $26/user/month (billed annually), best for basic management
  • Standard: $37/user/month (billed annually), best for growing teams
  • Pro: $63/user/month (billed annually), best for large organizations
  • Ultimate: Contact Scoro for pricing

Nifty – Best for Communication and Task Management



Fee: Starting from $39 per month

Star rating: 2/5

Nifty is a revolutionary 0ne of the best project management software that aids in the reduction of project cycle duration and increases the productivity of teams. This is accomplished by amalgamating all the necessary features of project management into one tool.

As a result, progress is followed through milestones and keeps the team motivated to reach their organizational goals on time.

This software provides users with the ability to manage their tasks in either kanban or list view, and it has a built-in calendar that can be synced with Google.

Furthermore, it enables file and document sharing. Nifty also has an individual discussion thread that enables project-specific communication. Moreover, its integration with Github makes it stand out from the rest, as it promotes collaboration between different departments.

Why we chose it: Nifty is equipped with built-in tools that track and report on the progress of projects, giving teams the ability to measure performance and manage time and resources properly.


  • Access data from several perspectives inside a project
  • Maintaining a steady pace of feature development and enhancement
  • Combining and importing
  • Constructive cooperation amongst team members


  • There is no graphical dashboard available
  • No PDF notes allowed
  • Unfortunately, there will be no bespoke automation
  • Does not have a built-in printing option


Nifty offers a range of functions such as project management, task administration, team cooperation, time monitoring, and project reporting. It enables teams to quickly build and assign tasks, follow development, and communicate immediately.

Additionally, Nifty project managing software provides a useful timeline view that allows teams to create a picture of their project timelines and interconnections.


Nifty boasts a wide selection of renowned integrations, such as Google Drive, Slack, Zapier, and GitHub.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free: $0 for unlimited members
  • Starter: $39/user/month (billed annually), includes all core features
  • Pro: $79/user/month (billed annually), best for growing teams
  • Business: $124/user/month (billed annually), best for advanced teams
  • Unlimited: $399/user/month (billed annually), fully scaled

Best Project Management Software - Buyers Guide

What Is Project Management Software?

Projects are complex activities that involve executing a series of steps. Often, some of these steps must be completed before others can be undertaken, such as constructing a house before painting it or cleaning, washing, and drying a car before waxing it.

Project management software involves laying out the tasks to be accomplished and the methods for achieving them within an allocated time frame.

Best project management software provides a single platform to list tasks, assign accountability, set expiration dates, and track the progress of each task.

Project managing software is great for teams, as it makes it possible to assign every task to the right person, while also allowing team members to collaborate with each other.

When dealing with personal projects, you just need to make sure that each step is done in the right order with the help of this software.

How to Choose a Project Management Software?

Initially, you should create a list of your requirements and then search for software that offers the features you need. Additionally, you should take into account your budget, the ability to store files, guest access, and integration options.

The project management software should be able to connect with customer relationship management systems, email marketing tools, marketing automation programs, landing page builders, SMS marketing applications, and other services you use.

If this isn’t possible, you will be spending a lot of time copying and pasting between programs.

Lastly, you should always do a trial run with your team before you purchase the software.

What are Gantt Charts in Project Management Software?

A Gantt chart is a practical tool used to display a project plan sequentially. Its structure contains two components – a list of all the tasks is located on the left and a timeline with bars depicting the schedule is placed on the right.

A Gantt chart is typically employed for the purpose of

  • Check for interdependencies between activities
  • Don't forget to keep everyone up to date!
  • Put it to work organizing your supplies
  • See the finished product in your mind's eye
  • Discover the dates of any upcoming deadlines, meetings, or approvals

What Can You Do With a Project Management App?

Project managing software can be employed to oversee and bring a project to a successful conclusion from any place with the help of the internet and mobile phones or tablets running on Android and iOS.

Usually, the app of the same project management software is used in combination with the desktop version for better convenience when and where team members are able to work on and be up to date with the project.

The app can be employed to organize projects, make summaries and timeframes for them, allocate tasks or roles, manage the distribution of resources, and supervise the project until completion.

You can even bring a team to your project app so they can collaborate on it together. Moreover, you can merge other apps to add features that assist in or enhance the success of project completion.

Our Ranking Methodology for the Best Project Management Software

In order to make sure that the ultimate listing of project management software is both thorough and impartial, a few criteria were taken into account when doing the ranking.

Here is a comprehensive ranking methodology that was used to analyze and rate project management programs:

  • Features: It is essential to evaluate the breadth and depth of functionalities when deciding on a project management software tool.
  • Project managing software ought to provide a robust selection of capabilities that cover the prime components of project management, like task organization, clock monitoring, joint effort, reporting, and personalization.
  • Scalability: The computer program must be able to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes, from small to large, and be able to adjust as needed.
  • Ease of use: Project management software should be user-friendly enough for those without technical know-how to be able to operate it without any difficulty. The interface should be designed in a way that is logical and the functions should be effortless to utilize and traverse.
  • Pricing: The cost of the program should be in line with the market rate and cost structures should be made clear so that customers can get the best value for their money.
  • Flexibility: The program should be able to be modified to fit various project-controlling approaches and processes, providing users the option to customize the application according to their individual requirements.
  • Integrations: The program should be compatible with other programs and applications, making it possible for teams to collaborate smoothly and productively.
  • Customer support: Any effective project management application must provide fantastic user service, with knowledgeable and responsive personnel that can assist groups in promptly resolving any problems.

Best Project Management Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the questions we hear most often in order to address any other inquiries you may have.

Is Project Management Software Worth It?

It’s without a doubt that project management software can be very advantageous. The first thing that comes to mind when people consider investing in such a program is the possibility of improved productivity.

However, with the best project management software, like, ClickUp, or Asana, you can establish a connection between all the departments of your organization and the big-picture objectives.

This will help your employees to contribute more effectively to the projects that are of the most importance.

What’s the Difference Between Project Management Software and Task Management Software?

Project managing software developed for controlling tasks is specifically for operating tasks and focuses on producing results. This may appear as an online list of things to do but with more capacities.

Project management software surpasses task management in the real planning, coordination, and objectives of a project. This includes the overall perspective, significant tasks, and the achievable tasks required to get to the target.

Excellent project management software will also have task management abilities, but the other way around isn’t necessarily true.

Who Uses Project Management Software Tools?

Project managing software is utilized by various individuals and organizations to assist with the organization and execution of projects.

  • Employees working from afar
  • Builders and construction workers
  • proprietors of relatively modest enterprises
  • Companies specializing in sales
  • Managers of several concurrent projects
  • Group efforts are needed

Bottom Line on The Best Project Management Software

It does not matter how large or small your team is, project management software can be a great asset for aiding cooperation, dealing with project logjams, and boosting productivity.

We would recommend as the best choice for project management software as it’s reasonably-priced, straightforward to use, and strong enough to meet the needs of most companies.

However, depending on the business, some businesses might require additional features. We’re confident that one of the project management tools that we have identified is sure to satisfy the project management software needs of your business.

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