Penn State football vs. Auburn, student section

The Penn State student section cheers during Penn State football’s White Out game against Auburn at Beaver Stadium, Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021 in University Park, Pa. The Nittany Lions beat the Tigers 28-20.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated that Penn State football hasn't played an SEC road game since 1990. However, the Nittany Lions played at Alabama in 2010. The Daily Collegian apologizes for this error.

Penn State’s White Out is one of the biggest themes in college football, and some teams around the NCAA have tried to replicate it.

On the Nittany Lions’ road tour for the 2022 season, their opponents are planning on creating their own renditions of the White Out but with their own colors.

For Penn State’s first road game against Purdue, the Boilermakers are having a “Blackout” with all of the fans in the stands wearing black.

Then a couple of weeks later, Auburn is having an “All-Auburn, All-Orange Game” when the Nittany Lions come to town at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Fast forward down the road, and Michigan is planning to bring back the “Maize Out” where the Big House will be filled with yellow for Penn State.

In three out of five road games, the blue and white will play in a stadium with a crowd doing some kind of color-based theme to copy the atmosphere of the White Out.

Some will work better than others, so here are the three themes ranked.

No. 3: Blackout

Purdue’s Blackout is the direct opposite of the Nittany Lions’ White Out, with fans wearing black instead of white.

Penn State and Purdue’s season opener comes at 8 p.m. on Sept. 1, two days before the first real Saturday of college football.

This has not been the first time one of Penn State’s opponents has tried to do a Blackout on a non-Saturday.

Rewind to 2019, Penn State headed into College Park to take on Maryland on a Friday night.

The Terrapins’ president gave students the day off of school to prepare for when the Nittany Lions came to town.

The theme of the game was a Blackout, but the only theme of the game for Maryland was a shutout.

Penn State dominated in a 59-0 victory in its trip to College Park, making the Blackout look silly.

History tends to repeat itself, and this could be another case with a Blackout on a non-Saturday of college football.

No. 2: Maize Out

Michigan has been the victim of many White Outs in recent years, and now, it’s the Wolverines' time to create a new history with a color-theme game of their own.

In the White Out’s history, Michigan has played six times, only winning twice in 2006 and 2015.

The Wolverines have not fared well in White Out conditions, but Michigan has an upper hand on Penn State with its Maize Out.

There is only one stadium in the country bigger than Beaver Stadium, and that’s the Big House, which seats 107,601 people, only 1,000 bigger than Penn State’s.

The more people, the greater the effectiveness, and there will be a lot of fans in attendance when Penn State comes to town for the 2022 Michigan-Penn State rivalry game.

This is not Michigan’s first Maize Out. In 2021, the Wolverines had a Maize Out against Washington and won 31-10, which kicked off Michigan’s Big Ten Championship run.

The Maize Out in 2021 had 108,345 fans in attendance wearing maize to rattle the Huskies, picking up the win.

Penn State could suffer the same fate in the midseason battle against Michigan with the sheer size of the Big House coming into play.

No. 1: ​​All Auburn, All Orange

The same age as Penn State’s White Out is Auburn’s All Auburn, All Orange game, which debuted in 2004.

In 2021, the Nittany Lions switched from having either Michigan or Ohio State for the White Out and decided to have an SEC opponent in Auburn.

The Tigers were another road team to suffer a defeat in the White Out, losing to Penn State in a close one, 28-20.

However, disrupting some of the White Out were Auburn fans wearing bright orange, sticking out like sore thumbs in the sea of white.

Now, Auburn can take revenge with its color-theme game in the All Auburn, All Orange contest as fans wear all orange.

Last season, the “Wear Orange” game, as it was called, was against Ole Miss and was successful with the Tigers picking up the conference win 31-20.

The South breathes football, and this will be Penn State’s first SEC road game, aside from Bowl Games, since 2010 against Alabama.


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