A picture worth a thousand words.

Daniel Duffy never played football in college, but his dedication to the sport led to the creation of one of his most recent pieces of artwork.

Duffy’s Beaver Stadium art features the score from every Penn State football win, since Beaver Stadium was created in 1960 to 2018. The piece took around 150 hours to complete which includes the research and creation of the piece.

There are a total of 512 games featured in the artwork.

According to Duffy, he has been getting requests to create art for Beaver Stadium for many years. With the amount of buzz and excitement surrounding the football team this time of year, Duffy felt it was the perfect time to create this piece.

“I’m a huge Penn State fan, but there’s something so special about that place,” Duffy said. “There’s no other experience like being with 100,000 or more fans, chanting ‘We Are’”.

Originally the word artist wanted to write every single win in Penn State history, but Duffy soon came to realize that there were just too many Penn State wins to fit on one page. It seemed more fitting to include only the Nittany Lions football wins since the opening of Beaver Stadium.

This piece depicts a White Out game and features Penn State’s Blue Band.

Duffy combines his love for sports and his word art skills to create various art pieces that he sells around the country through his business, Art of Words.

Growing up in Montgomery County, the 39-year-old dreamed of playing football for Penn State, then eventually playing in the NFL. However, Duffy eventually let go of his football dreams and enrolled in Hussian College, a small art college in Philadelphia, PA, graduating in 2006.

“I’m not a great painter, but I was able to find another way to express myself through art,” Duffy said.

Duffy originally uncovered his word art while doing a project in class that involved calligrams, which is a form of art that uses words to form a visual image. This art project eventually inspired some of Duffy’s best art work like his Beaver Stadium piece.

While in college, Duffy had a girlfriend he was trying to impress using his art. This led to him to come up with the idea to create an image of every Phillies game ever, which was his first Word Art piece.

The girl whom he was trying to impress loved the idea. Later on this woman would become his wife and the mother of his two-year-old daughter.

“It’s hard to say what my favorite piece is, it’s like picking between children,” Duffy said. “But, if I had to pick I would say my 2018 piece of every Philadelphia Eagle player ever.”

Duffy works in his business full time with a team of people, including his manager, Marc Berman.

“I’ve been working for Dan for about five years and it’s been awesome. It’s exciting and there’s always something new every day,” Berman said.

Duffy’s Aunt, Jane Feulner, is also on his team. She has been working with him for about ten years in fulfillment, shipping and sales.

“I took care of Dan as a baby and now I’m working for him,” Feulner said. “Working with Dan is fun, and I get to travel selling artwork. It started off as fun, but now I work with him full time and I love it.”

Feulner, along with the team, attends various festivals every weekend to sell Duffy’s art.

“My art may not be making it into the Guggenheim Museum, but that’s not what I do it for,” Duffy said, “I do it for people to be able to have a moment where they’re searching through my pieces and find their favorite game with their parents or grandparents.”

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