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The NCAA Division I Board of Directors reviewed name, image and likeness concepts sent by members for feedback and provided insight on the new rules.

A survey about potential name, image and likeness rule changes was sent to the Division I membership for their review and response. 

“I believe these concepts reflect the evolution of the Division I membership. It is important for institutions of higher learning to support the whole student — academically, athletically, and in pursuits outside the classroom and fields of play,” board chair and Kentucky president Eli Capilouto said in a release. “We also understand we can’t do this alone.

"We need assistance from the federal government to make sure modifications provide a uniform national standard and appropriately tailored protections.”

The Board discussed the interest from Congress to expand the name, image and likeness opportunities for student-athletes. 

As the NCAA continues to figure out the best way to implement these new rules, the Board is considering the following changes:

- Allowing student-athletes to use their name, image and likeness to promote camps, their own products and services as well as commercial products or services.

- Allowing student-athletes to be paid for autographs and personal appearances.

- Ensuring payments for name, image and likeness are not pay to play, specifically in the case of boosters or other institutional connections.


The members also asked to comment on the following issues regarding the changing of the name, image and likeness rule:

- How to address areas of conflict between a student-athletes activity and values of the school.

- Allowing student-athletes the use of professional services for advice and representation in contract negotiations.

- Setting a framework for the school's involvement in a student-athletes name, image and likeness activities.

- Setting a framework to prevent boosters and third parties from using name, image and likeness compensation in a recruiting effort.

Division I members must provide feedback to the proposed changes by Aug. 28 as the Legislative Solutions Group will recommend legislative changes throughout the fall.

On Nov. 1, the Division I Council will introduce legislation with a vote anticipated at the 2021 NCAA Convention in January.


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