thon explorers

A’Niah Butler, 6, of Chambersburg Pa., rides ontop of Marcus Allen’s shoulders during the THON Explorers program held at the Lasch Building during Penn State THON 2017 on Saturday, Feb. 18. Butler is now in remission and is club swimming’s four diamonds child.

Penn State fans were livid at the NCAA Friday night after news broke that Nittany Lions football players would be barred from participating in the annual THON event at the Lasch Building.

However, on Saturday afternoon, Penn State Athletics confirmed the misunderstanding about college football's day-off rule was not the NCAA's fault.

"New NCAA time management legislation went into effect earlier this year and there was a misunderstanding on the type of internal paperwork that needed to filed in order for the football student-athletes to participate in the Explorers program event on Saturday," a Penn State spokesperson told The Daily Collegian in a statement. "Football squad members will be able to participate in the THON Athlete Hour and Pep Rally later on Saturday. The Student-Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB) was not involved in the misunderstanding."

It appeared the NCAA was upholding the rule mandating all student athletes receive at least one day off from team activities per week, even though they were congregating only for THON, a philanthropy event. Fans and reporters both assumed the worst, based on the NCAA's track record of dubious rule enforcement.

No details have been given regarding the specific paperwork filed incorrectly, so it's unknown what role the NCAA is playing in this situation.

But, according to the statement from Penn State Athletics, the NCAA could be doing the Nittany Lions a favor should it permit them to take part in Athlete Hour and the Pep Rally Saturday night, despite the misfiled paperwork.


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