Yallah Taco Opening, Seating Area

The inside of the brand new location of Yallah Taco. The restaurant opened its doors at its new location on College Avenue at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Sep. 1, 2020.

State College’s popular taco chain Yallah Taco has expanded to a new store at 310 E. College Ave. The location’s opening day on Tuesday was the first look into what the newest Yallah store would bring.

I decided to make the trek back to the Taco Bell burial grounds, a place I once knew and loved. Yallah Taco has big shoes to fill when occupying the building many students mourned for. But with Yallah’s success around town at the two other locations, I think it may do just fine.

I actually went to Yallah Taco during my first tour at Penn State when I was still in high school. As a Mexican food fanatic, I was pleasantly surprised right away by the queso and the french fries burritos.

Yes, one of Yallah’s specialties is a fries and burrito combination in all of the “Monster Burritos,” a menu of various burritos the restaurant serves.

I recently learned the store is actually an Arabic-Mexican fusion, which I never realized before. But when analyzing many of the burrito ingredients, it made sense.

The newest location is no exception to Yallah’s typical taste and service. Although it was strange to walk out the doors without a crunch wrap supreme on a Friday night, the food pleased me as much as it always has.

I decided to change it up and try the cauliflower tacos and classic nachos to take home to my roommates. Both were delicious, and I was excited to see some vegan and vegetarian options.


Yallah continues to be my favorite place in State College to get fresh tacos, as the serving size of ingredients is perfect for a two-taco meal. I think Yallah is also always sure to load up ingredients on the tacos, which always taste fresh and delicious.

I also saw a juice menu, which I had never seen at the other locations. The employees said juices would be available next week.

But I think the store still has some work to go. Only part of the menu was available so far, and it seems as if there is some minor interior remodeling necessary. 

Though one new feature of the location is a screen that shows when orders are ready, which I think this will certainly help if this Yallah gets as popular as the old Taco Bell was.

I remember waiting 40 minutes in the State College Taco Bell line on any given weekend night. It will be interesting to see if this location stays open as late as Taco Bell, but that is also something that may come when Penn State’s nightlife returns as the spread of the coronavirus ceases.

The store also had pretty décor and ambiance, with a bright-colored theme that can be seen from beyond the restaurant’s front doors.

There is the word “Yallah” painted across the store wall, as well as a map of Mexico.

The staff is always so charming and ready to serve. It came as such a surprise to me to find out the first Yallah stand only opened in 2016. It seems like Yallah has been operating in State College for a while.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed my visit to the new Yallah Taco location, and am looking forward to returning.


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