Drone Shot of PSU from Mt. Nittany

Sunlight piercing through clouds over Happy Valley on Wednesday, April 7, 2021 above Mike Lynch Overlook on Mt. Nittany in Boalsburg, Pa.

The spring semester is coming to a close as Penn State students get ready for finals and start to head back home.

I wanted to write something reflecting on my sophomore year and to give others some things to do before they leave Penn State for the summer — or leave Penn State forever.

Accomplish a bucket list item

Cross that thing you have always wanted to do at Penn State off your bucket list when you can.

I feel like it would be a fun thing for you and your friends to go outside and experience Penn State for what it is while you can.

I don’t know about you, but I have always wanted to take some cute photos on top of one of the parking garages on campus.

Just checking off that one bucket list item will be something fun to do to get your mind off of finals.

Spend those extra meal points

If you live on campus and have extra meal points, there are many ways to get rid of them, even if you choose to get a refund.

Go get a fancy dinner with your friends. There are plenty of places around here taking meal points.

You could also spend all your points at one of the markets here or at The Creamery getting tubs of ice cream to take home. You know I will be doing that.

Take a hike

I am a big hiking addict, and I have written plenty of blogs about it already.

I would recommend hiking Mount Nittany if you can. It was fun hiking the mountain, even though it was really steep.

Someone recommended I go to the Shingletown Gap, which is about a 15 minute drive from campus. It seems like a great place to go — even though there is a bit of a drive.

Study for a final in a new location

Just sitting in your dorm room is not the place to study for a final — at least for me.

The library or the HUB-Robeson Center are not the places where I would go to study — they can be crowded and are not the best for me.

When it is nice out, I plan on sitting outside and studying for the finals I have.

I might even go downtown and find a place there to go with friends and get some last-minute Penn State and State College culture before I go home for the summer.


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