Spring trends

Switch out your closets and put away those neutral colors: Spring fashion is here and new trends are emerging among Penn State students as the weather warms up.

As green was a popular color for winter, a light sage green or pastel green is popular this spring, according to student Corey Steinruck.

“I know that the colors have definitely changed from winter to spring,” Steinruck (senior-accounting and entrepreneurship) said. “I think for this season, bubblegum pink, tangerine and almost a tennis ball green will be popular.”

Lila DiPaolo also said the color green will be popular this season, along with a few other colors.

“I think the light sage-type green is still popular, and a creamsicle orange,” DiPaolo (freshmen-advertising) said. “[I think] we are going to see a lot this spring and summer.”

Maddie Kuzmich said she has been preparing her closet for the spring season by adding more color.

“Since winter was so neutral, I had to go order more colorful stuff,” Kuzmich (sophomore-biobehavioral health) said.

Additionally, DiPaolo expects to see a good amount of matching sets and monochromatic outfits this season.

“I’ve seen a lot of two piece sets with tank tops and shirts,” DiPaolo said. “I’ve seen them throughout social media, and they’re usually monochromatic.”

Steinruck and Kuzmich said they think matching sets will be popular as casual wear this spring.

Baggy pants were popular in the winter, and the looser fit seems to still be around, according to Kuzmich.

“I think the baggy jeans trend is going to be around for a while for a while, just cause [all trends] kinda go back and forth,” Kuzmich said. “This was a 2000s-type of thing, and then it was skinny jeans — I feel like those trends just kinda wax and wane.”

Steinruck said he has been wearing baggy jeans with a lower waist line instead of a high waist. He also said a trouser-type pant is also possibly going to be popular this spring.

Spring trends

“The switch from sweatpants to trousers and more a classical business casual looks seems to be popular this season,” Steinruck said. “Everyone’s adjusting from really comfy clothing to be more professional and upbeat.”

Ji Zhang said skirts and dresses seem to be making an appearance this spring as well.

“Since the vaccines are coming out and the pandemic’s recovering, I think for some people, they might want to start dressing up more,” Zhang (sophomore-economics and English literature) said. “I think when it's warmer out, more skirts and dresses will be worn.”

Steinruck agreed — he said he also has been seeing more skirts.

“I definitely think that the mini skirts and short shorts [will be worn] to show your legs off,” Steinruck said.

Overall, the big trends this spring seem to be brighter colors, matching sets and the continuing use of more textiles and color blocking.

“Unique textiles and patterns are very popular this season,” Streinruck said.

Moving into summer, some students said spring trends will become even brighter in color.

“I think that pastel-type colors, but with a summer vibe like orange and pink, will be popular this summer,” DiPaolo said. “I also think a lot of ‘90s runway fashion is regenerating, along with platforms on shoes.”

Kuzmich said she thinks there will be more patterns this summer as well.

“Another thing I see on TikTok [that might be popular] is a lot of patterns,” Kuzmich said, “not so much floral but kind of a ‘70s vibe with stripes.”

Trends or no trends, DiPaolo said each fashion season is about finding and embracing your own personal style.

“Last spring, I was still in high school, so I wasn’t really expressing my style as much as I am now, which was stupid,” DiPaolo said. “I've just gotten more comfortable with clothing in general, and I feel like I've developed my style sense a lot since last spring.”


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