Collegian soundtrack

Editor’s Note: The Daily Collegian staffers’ playlists is a series started in spring 2020. Each week, a new staff member is featured to create a playlist of their current favorite songs.

This week’s Collegian playlist featured staffer is podcaster and softball reporter James Langan.

Langan (sophomore-broadcast journalism) is a huge fan of ‘70s music.

“No matter how many times I listen to these songs, they are good. I think they really carry well,” Langan said.

1. “Rubberband Man” by The Spinners

Langan said he likes The Spinners’ music a lot.

“I’m very into that whole ‘70s pop-soul vibe. It’s such a long song — like eight minutes,” Langan said. “It’s just basically repeating the same thing over and over again… it just makes me feel really good.”

2. “Simple Song” by The Shins

This is a song Langan recommends to many people.

“It is kind of more toned down than my other songs on the playlist, but it is a lot more passionate,” Langan said. “It is a song that makes you think a lot and reflect.”

3. “Last Train to London” by Electric Light Orchestra

Langans said the Electric Light Orchestra is one of his favorite artists.

“When I listen to it, it’s just like everything else drops away,” Langan said. “I am enjoying myself and forgetting everything that is going on.”

4. “Precious Love” by James Morrison

5. “Lonesome Loser” by Little River Band

According to Langan, Little River Band is underrated.

“I feel like [Little River Band] goes underappreciated because people don’t take them seriously sometimes,” Langan said.

6. “Say You Love Me” by Fleetwood Mac

7. “Sister Golden Hair” by America

8. “Loving is Easy” by Rex Orange County Featuring Benny Sings

9. “She’s Gone” by Daryl Hall & John Oates

10. “Vienna” by Billy Joel

11. “Telephone Line” by Electric Light Orchestra


“A lot of [Electric Light Orchestra’s] music is grand and experimental… I think it is really cool that they make it all mash so well,” Langan said. “And those songs can always take me out of a funk if I am ever in one.”

12. “Everybody Plays the Fool” by The Main Ingredient

13. “I’m Beginning to See the Light” by Bobby Darin

14. “Ebony Eyes (BW 2000 Mix)” by Bob Welch

15. “Are You Ready For Love? (Remastered)” by Elton John

Langan said he likes to listen to upbeat songs to keep himself in a positive mood.

“I’m not the type of person that wants to listen to sad music, I want to listen to happy music to put myself in a better mood, which a lot of people say I’m weird for…,” Langan said. “There is a lot of stuff that just makes me feel good and reminds me of good times.”

Langan’s playlist can be found here.

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