Students studying in the library

Students studying in the Paterno Library on Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021, in University Park, Pa.

Penn State is back into full swing with a reduction in social distancing measures since last year and the increase of the on-campus student population. 

The campus is in a constant craze of hustle and bustle while people try to find their bearings, but some students have specific locations where they like to relax. 

Katie Feldman said she is taking advantage of the open areas at Penn State by using the HUB-Robeson Center as a place to relax. 

The HUB is a crowded place at Penn State, but there are areas now furnished with pool tables, tables, chairs and bean bag chairs. 

Feldman (sophomore-global and international studies) said the HUB bean bag chair is her personal favorite because it “is a pretty comfy chair.”

“It wasn’t open last year, so I’m glad that we have it,” she said 

Chris Manukas also found a way to avoid the noisiness of the campus — through “connecting with nature and going to a quiet area.” 

The Arboretum at Penn State is Manukas’(sophomore-earth science)  comfort area. He said it helps him connect with nature while also acting as a quiet place to relax.

Simone Mileto also said he enjoys a quiet place to focus and finds that place within the White Building. 

To Mileto (sophomore-biology), the White Building is a place where he can “ease [his] mind.” 

The White Building is located near the HUB and a short walk for those living near Pollock Halls or South Halls. 


Roommates Katie Morris and Samisha Marilant said they find their room as their own safe haven. 

“It’s really comfortable and cool,” Morris (sophomore-engineering) said. 

Merilant (sophomore-psychology) said she and Morris live in the South, which is near downtown State College.

 “I love the location,” Merilant said.

Jaidyn Ramirez is new to the environment of Penn State, the pace of the university and is getting used to this new chapter of her life.

But, Ramirez (freshman-division of undergraduate studies) said her favorite place to relax is the HUB — sitting near the Jamba Juice to do homework, specifically. 

“At night, it's a lot less people, and it’s a good place to go to get work done,” Ramirez said. 

She said the HUB is crowded during the day, but the night is quieter and is a great place to work.

Ryan Shalaby finds solace in the Pattee and Paterno Library.

Shalaby (freshman-computer science) said the library is a place to find books and is a quiet place to read and study.

And, he said his favorite location specifically is “the stacks in the library,” a more private — and sometimes silent — place to work.

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