APTOPIX 95th Academy Awards

Michelle Yeoh, left, and Stephanie Hsu, winners of the award for best picture for "Everything Everywhere All at Once," pose in the press room at the Oscars on Sunday, March 12, 2023, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

Actors and actresses walked the carpet to the 95th Academy Awards on Sunday, sporting gowns, suits and skirts.

Whether they loved or hated these outfits, Penn State students shared varying opinions on all of the above.

Florence Pugh wore a voluminous pale-gray gown with a high slit and a black miniskirt underneath. Her blonde hair was pinned into an updo, which created the appearance of bangs laying across her forehead.

Kortney Estep said she thinks the dress resembled a bed sheet.

“I just don’t really understand what’s happening with the dress,” Estep (sophomore-biological sciences and health professions) said. “It looks more wrinkly than anything else.”

Jimin Moon said the dress wasn’t his favorite part of Pugh’s look.

Moon (senior-musical theatre) said he was “living for everything from the neck up.”

“From the neck down, it’s unfortunately a disaster,” he said. “It looks like a dirty curtain.”

Pugh changed her outfit at the Vanity Fair after-party. She wore black pants with a small black top to match and a large pink coat draped over her shoulders.

“Another bed sheet, but pink,” Estep said in reference to the coat.

Cara Delevingne wore a one-shouldered red dress with a ruffled puffy sleeve. She paired the dress with matching red heels and silver jewelry with slicked-back hair.

“I like that the shoes match the dress,” Brynn Hammond said. “It all contributes to a very aesthetically pleasing look.”


However, some students said they thought the ruffled shoulder detail was questionable.

“I’m not a fan of the protruding flower bow thing,” Alex Lapinski said. “I think it would be better without it.”

Taylor Mills said she was “distracted” by the shoulder of the dress, but otherwise, she liked it.

“Who stole her other sleeve?” Robert White (junior-environmental systems engineering) said.

Halle Bailey’s sheer blue gown had students comparing her to a real-life Disney princess.

“Perfection incarnate,” Moon said. “She’s Disney’s newest princess, and she’s making it known that she deserves to be a princess in real life, too.”

Lapinski (junior-accounting) said “The Little Mermaid” actress’ dress gave off “Cinderella vibes.”

Mills (sophomore-criminology) said Bailey’s dress was her favorite at the Oscars, and the color of the dress complemented Bailey’s skin tone.

Hunter Schafer wore a long white skirt with a matching small white feather top, leaving students with mixed reviews on the outfit.

Kayla Martinis said she felt the outfit didn’t match the Oscars’ standards.

“I get it — go body,” Martinis (junior-secondary education social studies) said. “But the Oscars are more of a classy thing, and she’s showing a lot of skin. It just doesn’t scream Oscars to me.”

Similarly, Estep said “there’s not enough material there to even talk about.”

However, other students appreciated the actress’ bold choice.

“The feather is so gorgeous — tasteful yet provocative. She always looks good, but she blew it out of the water,” Moon said.

Students also reviewed Rihanna’s look, which consisted of a sheer black gown with a leather skirt. Parts on the side of the skirt were cut out, and her hair was up in a bun.

“Rihanna knows her place. She knows she looks good,” Mills said.

Hammond (sophomore-nursing) said she thinks Rihanna looks great all of the time.

“The dress is beautiful,” Hammond said. “I love the leather.”

Martinis said she felt the dress was appropriate for Rihanna’s “vibe,” which tends to be “dark and mysterious.”

“Love her showing off the baby bump, and I love the thigh slits,” Moon said. “Her hair is a spiky dream come true.”


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Ella Hileman is a beauty and fashion reporter for The Daily Collegian. She is a sophomore majoring in digital and print journalism with a minor in creative writing.