Blue and White Film Festival Flyer 2021

After its cancellation last year, the Blue and White Film Festival will highlight student filmmakers virtually from 7-10 p.m. Friday via BingeWave.

This year’s event will also include a Q&A session following the screenings.

Blue and White Film Festival Vice President Joseph Molloy said filmmakers seem to be appreciative of the festival being back.

“I think a lot of people are just glad we're having it this semester,” Molloy (sophomore-film production) said.

Lilly Adams, who will have two films featured in this year’s festival, said one positive from the virtual format is her parents being able to attend the event.

“People [who] can't usually make [the festival], or can't make the drive, or can't make the trip are able to come, even though it's through their computer — which is not a detriment,” Adams (senior-film production) said. “It's more of a unifying thing that everyone can come.”

Along with the virtual format, another change with this year’s festival is the inclusion of films made prior to the pandemic.

“We made that decision last semester,” Molloy said. “We know it sucks that the whole pandemic screwed everybody over, so we wanted to give people last year… a chance to participate in Blue and White.”

Jake Jurich, who also has two films in the festival, said he is excited to not only showcase his most recent project but also a visual film titled “WHEAT-19” he made from his home in Virginia when the pandemic began.

“The fact that not only did they pull it together this year to have that for my senior year, but also the fact that they are allowing submissions from last year as well.. it kind of makes up for [the cancellation last year],” Jurich (senior-film production) said.

Adams created her two films during her junior and senior years. She said while showcasing projects can be scary, she is grateful for the opportunity — especially during her final year at Penn State.

“To have the opportunity to have both of my projects featured is incredibly humbling [and] satisfying,” Adams said. “It means a lot to me that they're still having it for the seniors this year. I think every senior this year can say that is such a win.”

For Jurich, the festival serves as a reminder of the work film students put in and the collective community surrounding them.

“You're in the trenches in the fall and the spring, making your film.” Jurich said. “And you just hope that it'll all culminate at the end of the spring semester by being able to share in that experience, when it's finalized, with your peers and professors and friends and family.”


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