Squirrel 8

A squirrel nibbles on seeds on Old Main lawn on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, in University Park, Pa.

As the semester approaches to the finish line and spring heats up, Penn State is offering a multitude of activities for the weekend. Whether you need some time away from the computer, want to get active or learn something new, there’s plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself with the university.

Weekend Weather Forecast: April 23-25

State College weather throughout the semester has been somewhat unpredictable. After near freezing temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday, many students are ready for a rebound. Here’s what this weekend’s weather will look like as of Friday afternoon, via AccuWeather.


Starting off our weekend with everyone’s favorite day of the week, State College will see partly cloudy skies with a high of 62 degrees and a low of 39. University Park will experience a UV index of 7, which means that you can finally step outside, lay down a towel and bake in the sun.


Expect temperatures ranging from a high of 63 degrees to a low of 45 on Saturday. It’s going to be a beautiful day in Happy Valley. If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a while, Saturday is the day to do so.


If Saturday is the “good” day of the weekend, then Sunday definitely is the bad day. Keeping the consistency of a high around 60 degrees and a low of 37, what could stop you from enjoying the beautiful outside world on Sunday? Well unfortunately, the clouds have their own plans for Sunday with a 55% chance of rain and winds up to 20 mph.

Friday, April 23

Penn State definitely knows how ready students are to put this semester behind them, treating the students to the Finally Unplugged Fest at the IM Building.

Lasting from 2-8:15 p.m., students have the opportunity to get away from their computers and participate in teams of 5 to win prizes, earn a meal and leave with a special Penn State towel.

Once the games end, participants will be treated to the sweet sound of live music at the Park Recreation Fields.

Registration is required.

Saturday, April 24

Though Saturday is expected to be a great day to get outside, there are few events or activities hosted by the school, so it may be a good time to enjoy the weekend and take a break.

“Small Island Big Song”

”If you’re still dying to find something to do this weekend, check out ‘Small Island Big Song,’ a musical cinematographic event streaming here starting at 7:30 p.m. until April 30th.

With Earth Day on Thursday, “Small Island Big Song” provides the opportunity to learn more about the planet and its people.

Sunday, April 25

Unfortunately, Sunday is a dud. Not only is the weather rather crumby, but there is nothing on the schedule either.

Consider this as a possible recovery day after a long weekend. On a more exciting note, think about getting a good night’s rest on Sunday.


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