Yallah Breakfast

Yallah Taco’s electric blue and neon yellow paint makes it easy to spot on a late night out when you’re craving food in your stomach.

The State College staple expanded its menu to include breakfast alongside existing dinner platters at the East College Avenue location.

I walked to Yallah Taco during the daytime — earlier than I had ever been there before — to see if its breakfast menu stacks up to its late-night specials.

I quickly realized there were no “light” options: Almost all of the items on the menu were hefty burritos and quesadillas filled to the brim with rich ingredients. Don’t expect to find a small meal at Yallah Taco in the morning.

I ordered the handmade breakfast burrito — stuffed with eggs, cheese, queso, potatoes, salsa, Yallah sauce and my choice of protein, which is always chicken. Additionally, I added the toasted breakfast wrap, which consisted of scrambled eggs, tater tots, shredded cheese, salsa and slices of avocado wrapped in a flour tortilla. Finally, I made the last-minute decision to add a side of tater tots with extra Yallah sauce to my feast.

Upon receiving my food, my roommate and I were shocked to find both the burrito and the wrap were the size of my face.

Yallah Breakfast

Yallah Taco certainly does not skimp on portion sizes.

Biting into the burrito, I felt stunned by the amount of flavor packed into its content. The seasoned chicken combined with the warm queso, cheesy consistency and fluffy potatoes created a savory blend.

Transitioning to the toasted breakfast wrap, the crunchy layers held cheesy toasted potatoes and scrambled eggs that tasted delicious. The wrap was melded with zesty salsa that added a satisfying kick.

Munching on the tater tots in between my entrées felt like biting into crispy clouds that melted in my mouth with each crunch. Topped with the tang of the creamy Yallah sauce, the tater tots tasted like heaven.

I would definitely recommend stopping by Yallah Taco for a Sunday brunch after a crazy weekend of partying — or just for a weekday breakfast. Just make sure to leave room in your stomach for the massive, mouthwatering meal awaiting you.


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