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The 2020 election will reach its conclusion in nearly a week. While the last four years have been exhausting, “Saturday Night Live” has taken advantage of all the craziness and delivered some unforgettable laughs.

Thanks to top-notch impersonations of politicians, “SNL” has been funnier than ever recently. Here are some of the top politician impressions during this election cycle.

10. Matt Damon as Brett Kavanaugh

In a surprise appearance following the 2018 Senate hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Matt Damon took on the role of Kavanaugh himself in a sketch.

Damon — much like the real Kavanagh — was ridiculously aggressive during the hearing. This produced many funny moments and made this sketch one to remember.

9. Beck Bennett as Mitch McConnell

“SNL” rarely impersonates Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, but show regular Beck Bennett delivered a hilarious portrayal. Bennett flawlessly imitated the Kentucky Republican’s bizarre facial expressions and piercing stare.

8. Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer

To the surprise of many, Melissa McCarthy appeared on “SNL” as former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer in February 2017.

McCarthy’s Spicer made for some laugh-out-loud worthy sketches with the deliriously furious attitude she injected into Spicer.

7. Cecily Strong as Susan Collins

When Republican Senator Susan Collins made headlines for a video she recorded expressing her support for then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, “SNL” jumped at the chance to make a laughing stock of her.

Cecily Strong — arguably one of the show’s best regulars — could not have done a better job. Her imitation of Collins’ slow-paced speech and exaggerated accent are hilarious on their own.

6. Jim Carrey as Joe Biden

Since Jim Carrey took over the role of Biden weeks ago, many have lauded his comical approach. His chaotic energy might be over the top at times, as Biden is known for a more sedated demeanor — but Carrey absolutely nails Biden’s cringey facial expressions.


5. Larry David as Bernie Sanders

Animated and energetic as ever, comedian Larry David was the perfect choice to portray Vermont Senator and former presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

David perfectly imitates Sanders’ boisterous personality and signature hand gestures, making a truly great representation.

4. Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris

When Biden chose California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, actress Maya Rudolph stepped into the role permanently after first appearing as Harris earlier this year.

Rudolph perfectly captures Harris’ poise and no-BS attitude while delivering some incredible punchlines.

3. Kate McKinnon as Lindsey Graham

Anyone who routinely tunes in to “SNL” knows that Kate McKinnon perfects each and every role she assumes. Her portrayal of Senator Lindsey Graham was no exception.

Her dramatic depiction of the Republican senator from South Carolina paired with a lot of finger-wagging and a quintessential southern accent made for many laughs.

2. Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions

McKinnon’s portrayal of former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions throughout 2017 remains one of the most bizarre, yet hilarious characters seen on the show.

Sessions became a standout persona on “SNL” thanks to McKinnon’s excessively creepy and bizarre demeanor.

1. Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

Alec Balwin took on the role of President Trump in October 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. There is no doubt that this role was perfectly cast, as Baldwin flawlessly emulates Trump’s gestures, facial expressions and manner of rambling nonsense at every opportunity.

Trump could be considered a “SNL” caricature himself, so there is little embellishment required of Baldwin. That makes it all the more amusing.

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