halloween mask graphic

It may seem like everything fun in 2020 has been canceled — even Halloween, which lies not only on a Saturday, but also on Penn State gameday this year.

However, Halloween presents the opportunity to stay masked up all night long without the attire being any different than past years — even if you’re just dressing up with your roommates or family, or if you just want to maintain some normalcy and dress up for the fun of it.

Here are some ideas on what costumes to put on this year that include masks to stay safe while also celebrating the holiday.

A ninja

When being a ninja for Halloween, you have to keep your face mostly hidden, so it’s suitable for a safe Halloween.

This mask will be easy — just a plain black one will work with the rest of the ninja getup. The rest of the costume is up to you, and when you look back on the pictures you won’t even know the mask was required.

A doctor

This is one of the costumes where you can either throw some blood all over your costume and make it scary or just go as a normal doctor. It’s also another easy mask opportunity; all you’ll need is one of the blue disposal face masks to match with some scrubs.


If you want to spice it up even more, you can make yourself a plague doctor and order one of the old plague masks with long beaks.

A mummy

A mummy is yet another costume where you have to keep your mouth and nose wrapped up to stay true to character. It’s also pretty flexible in the different kinds of masks you can use, such as bandages wrapped over a few times or an actual white mask with some easy lines drawn on with a sharpie.

It would probably be best to stay away from the classic toilet paper this year, however, as it might be too thin to protect you from the coronavirus. Also, are we still in a toilet paper shortage?

A clown

Here’s one that might take a tiny bit of effort or artistic skill. In past years, people could just use face paint or lipstick to make their lips thicker and longer.

This year, you will just need a white mask and a red sharpie, and you have the freedom to draw the smile as long and creepy as the mask will allow. This also might save you from any skin irritation caused by face paint.

Any animal

The classic cat costume is about to be taken to a whole new level. Since a mask goes over both your nose and mouth, it’s perfect to help replicate the mouth of an animal.

All you need is to pick whichever color you need, and draw the small animal nose and whiskers on it, and you’ll be ready to go for the night.

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