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FILE - In this July 10, 2015 file photo, singer Taylor Swift performs during her "1989" world tour at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Swift will open the 58th annual Grammy Awards with a performance from her nominated album, “1989." She is one of the year’s top nominees with seven nominations, including album of the year, record of the year and song of the year. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File)

‘Tis the damn season of the Eras Tour.

This past November, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift broke online ticket sales and distribution company Ticketmaster with the release of tickets to her sixth headlining concert tour.

Due to the trials and tribulations of Ticketmaster, fans all across the nation were left with sweet nothing after trying to get tickets.

If you’re one of the many who didn’t get tour tickets, fear not, dear reader.

Here are 13 different ticketless ways to channel your Swiftie spirit as the singer-songwriter embarks on her tour this weekend.

This is me trying to make the best out of a bad deal.

1. Stream Swift’s songs

Having Swift’s discography on repeat is the easiest and most obvious way to celebrate the start of the Eras Tour.

Swift has released 10 original studio albums, two rerecorded studio albums and numerous minor works over the course of her career. Her music spans the genres of country, pop, rock and folk.

By streaming Swift’s songs, you can travel through the eras from the comfort of your own speakers.

2. Style a scarf

This accessory will forever be associated with Swift.

In the masterpiece that is “All Too Well,” Swift sings about an old scarf kept by an ex-boyfriend.

After the release of the song, fans speculated about the metaphorical meaning and current whereabouts of the scarf. The accessory quickly became a mysterious symbol of Swift’s career.

Donning a scarf this week is the only appropriate way to commemorate “All Too Well” and the iconic accessory.

3. Cuddle up with a cat

Any fan of Swift knows she’s a cat person through and through.

The singer-songwriter owns three cats named after fictional characters — Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button.

Cuddling up with one cat or three is a cozy way to get in the Swiftie spirit for the beginning of the Eras Tour.

4. Go back to December

I mean this metaphorically, of course.

Reflection is the essence of the Eras Tour. By performing songs from the eras of her entire career, Swift revisits emotional and personal moments of her life.

Joining Swift in this time of reflection is a mindful method to embody the essence of the Eras Tour. I hope this activity gives you peace.

5. Binge Swift’s music videos

The artistry and creativity of Swift’s music videos are unmatched.

At least one song from each studio album has a music video on Swift’s YouTube channel.

Viewing her music videos is another way to engage with the essence of the Eras Tour and watch her grow as an artist.


6. Craft paper rings

I can’t think of an activity more wholesome than this to celebrate the tour.

In her song “Paper Rings,” Swift sings about the depth of love for her significant other, stating she would forgo any formalities to be with him.

Making paper rings for your loved ones is a cute and interactive way to celebrate the “Lover” era of Swift’s career.

7. Road trip to Reading, Pennsylvania

Otherwise known as the birthplace of Taylor Swift, Reading is only a few short hours away from State College.

Visiting Swift’s hometown can reveal the inspirations behind her earlier studio albums and eras — an opportunity longtime fans wouldn’t pass up.

8. Wear a cardigan

Yet another clothing item associated with Swift.

On her album “folklore,” Swift compares the pain and memory of a first heartbreak to being an old cardigan stored under the bed.

If you pair the cardigan with a scarf, you would achieve full Swiftie status.

9. Make a 25-second phone call

I know this one sounds ridiculous, but I promise my reasoning is sound.

Back in 2008, Swift revealed her then-boyfriend Joe Jonas broke up with her in a 25-second phone call on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

This lighthearted and silly activity is perfect to do with other Swifites who understand just how iconic this moment was in Swift’s early career.

10. Write “13” on your hand

Swift’s favorite and lucky number is famously 13.

During her first concert tours, Swift would write 13 on her hand before performing for good luck.

Writing 13 on your own hand references the first few eras of Swift’s career and acknowledges just how full circle the Eras Tour is.

11. Wear red

If you wear a red scarf and a red cardigan, I’ll be thoroughly impressed.

Embodying the album and era of “Red” — and “Red (Taylor’s Version)” — by wearing red articles of clothing is the perfect way to celebrate that time of Swift’s career.

12. Burn a picture or two

This activity is inspired by a song from Swift’s self-titled album called “Picture to Burn.”

Of course, I only recommend this activity if it occurs in a safe and responsible manner.

Burning some old photographs of those no longer in your life could be a cleansing and exhilarating experience related to the very first era of Swift.

13. Just keep dancing

If you didn’t get tickets to the Eras Tour, I want to share some reassuring words from Swift herself.

“Everything will be alright if we just keep dancing like we’re 22.”


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Cearra O'Hern is a downtown and campus blogger for The Daily Collegian. She is a sophomore studying digital and print journalism with a minor in nutritional science.