Board of Directors

Structure and current members

This page was last updated: 9/28/2018.

There are 12 members including one non-voting member.

Of the voting members, six are students and five are non-students.

Board members are composed of: 3 managing directors, 9 outside directors (2-year terms), 4 Penn State students (one may be a graduate student), 2 Penn State faculty members and 3 at-large members, generally selected for their expertise in business or journalism or a related field.

  • Carol White, President: CL Associates, communications-based business solutions
  • John Dillon, Vice President: Norman Eberly Professor of Practice in Journalism, College of Communications (Retired)
  • Ty Strohl, Treasurer: Manager, MSC Industrial Supply
  • Kelly Powers: Collegian Editor in Chief (seated 5/1/2018)
  • Colsen Ackroyd: Collegian Business Manager (seated 5/1/2018)
  • Mike Schmierbach: Associate Professor, Department of Media Studies, College of Communications
  • Brad Groznik: Founder, Groznik PR, Instructor, Strategic Communications, Penn State World Campus
  • Adam Rutter
  • Maia Hill: (seated 9/25/2018)
  • Spencer Davis: (seated 9/25/2018)
  • Jinglan Lou
  • Wayne Lowman (email): Board secretary. General Manager, an employee of Collegian Inc., who is a non-voting member.

This page was last updated: 9/28/2018.