Board of Directors

Committees of the Board

Committees of the Board

Executive Committee

Automatic members: President (chair), vice president, treasurer, editor in chief, business manager, general manager (non-voting).

Generally, the Executive Committee is empowered to act on behalf of the Board when important matters arise that call for immediate action.

Finance and Auditing Committee

Automatic members: Treasurer (chair), general manager (non-voting), business manager (non-voting), editor in chief (non-voting).

Appointed: One or more outside directors.

Typically the Finance and Auditing Committee meets in April, at least one week before the Board's Annual Meeting, to review the current year's budget performance and the proposed budgets. This committee also acts on recommendations from the general manager regarding pay and benefits for all other Collegian employees. (The full Board acts on recommendations regarding pay and benefits for the general manager.)

Nominating Committee

Automatic members: Editor in chief, business manager, general manager (non-voting).

Appointed: Janice Miles (chair).

The Nominating Committee meets for the purpose of recommending replacements for outside directors who will be outgoing directors at the Annual Meeting. The committee's nominees must be confirmed by the Board.

Prior to April 1, the committee meets to nominate one outside director for each elected office. The committee's decisions are recommendations to be presented to the Board at the Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting, additional nominations may be made by any director.

Bylaws Committee

Automatic members: General manager (non-voting).

Appointed: Membership determined by the president.

“At least every four years, the president shall appoint a Bylaws Committee to review the Bylaws.” (Article 8, Section 5.c.) Revised Bylaws were approved by the Board December 2013.

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