Meet The Daily Collegian

The Daily Collegian is uniquely structured, providing opportunities for students interested in business or journalism. The organization consists of the business division and the news division, which work together to create quality content for the Penn State community.


News Division: Fall 2020

Editor in Chief: Jade Campos

Managing Editor: Becky Marcinko

Digital Managing Editor: Andrew Porterfield

News Editors: Courtney Benedetto & Megan Swift

Football/Sports Editor: Max Ralph

Photo Editor: Lily LaRegina

Multimedia Editor: Ben McClary



    Will Aguirre, Carissa Beebe, Ella Castronuovo, Phoebe Cykosky, James Engel, Olivia Estright, Oliver Ferguson, Conner Goetz, Danny Gotwals, Jeremiah Hassel, Colton Lucas, Lily Mastrobattista, Zach Meixler, Julia Mertes, Ayden Meteo Herold, Brendan Morgan, Samantha Verrelli, Alexa Weissberg, Violet Zung



    Braden Dyreson, Joe Eckstein, Victoria Gough, Sarah Pellis



    Zach Allen, Andrew DelSignore, Seth Engle, Jack Flanagan, James Langan, Nate Lather, Logan Groeneveld-Meijer, Justin Morganstein, Spencer Ripchik, Alexis Yoder



    Will Aguirre, Jordan Dawson, Jeremiah Hassel, Chloe Trieff



    Carissa Beebe, Raygen Calabria, Jordan Dawson, Braden Dyreson, Seth Engle, Logan Groeneveld-Meijer, James Langan, Zech Lambert, Sophia Montanye, Justin Morganstein, Carson Schultz, Brooke Steach, Alexis Yoder

Spring 2021 Business Division

Business Manager: Sarah Andriano

Vice President: Lilly Forsyth

Creative Director & Creative Assistant Director: Kaylyn McGrory & Elizabeth Bourque

Marketing Director & Marketing Assistant Director: Abigail Schucker & Mikayla Brennan

Business Insights Director & Business Insights Assistant Director: Adam Rhoad & Sydney Easton

Sales Directors Alexander Baker & Jillian Shuster

Sales Department

Sales Representatives:

    Rosie Colville, Daniel Peral

Marketing Department

Marketing Representatives :

    Anthony Barrett, Travis Blanchard, Elizabeth Dailey, Camila Pena, Libby Pickles, Andrew Robinson, Lauren Rodebaugh, Emma Wurmstich

Creative Department

Graphic Designers:

    Olivia Bernoudy, McKenna Burkey, Hannah Degler, Abby Falce, Anna Neff, Trevor Robinson

Business Insights Department

Business Insights Representatives:

    Ethan Fields, Sanya Garg, Taylor Hutsell, Marvin Lopez, Joey Pevner

Professional Staff Personnel

General Manager:

Graphics Advisor:

    Laurie Jones

Advertising Manager:

    Scott Witham - Email- (814) 863-6589

Distribution & Finance Manager:

    Craig Showers - Email- (814) 863-2069

Distribution & Finance Specialist:

    William Lindt

Publications Coordinator:

    David Slocum

Technical Support :

    Rick Simpson - Email- (814) 863-6890

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