Note: Research on this list has not been completed, which explains the missing years.

*terms of office changed to begin in January.

**terms of office changed to begin in May.

YearEditorBusiness Manager
State Collegian, published weekly
Established in 1904 as State Collegian, successor to The Free Lance, which first published in April 1887.
1906-07A.K. LittleF.K. Brewster
1907-08C.N. FlemingJ.D. Woodward
1908-09C.N. FlemingN.B. Higgins
1909-10A.W. Fisher
Also served as editor in chief of 1910 La Vie and inaugural issue of Froth.
F.H. Berkebile
1910-11C. MacC. Breitinger 
The name is changed to Penn State Collegian beginning with the issue of Sept. 28, 1911.
1912-13R.M. EvansM.M. Grubbs
1913-14J.D. HorwathL.B. Keelan
Penn State Collegian suspended publication during the fall of 1918, because of the war effort.
1919-20G.S. Wykoff
R.B Paxon
then H.R. Nein
Penn State Collegian, published its first semi-weekly issue Sept. 14, 1920. Issues were published on Tuesdays and Fridays.
1920-21F.H. Leuschner
(Frederick "Fritz" Leuschner, Leu is pronounced Loy)
R.L. Parker
1932Hugh R. Riley 
1936-37Johnson BrennemanAlan L. Smith
1937-38Charles M. Wheeler Jr.Jay H. Daniels
1938-39John A. Troanovich
(later shortened to Troan)
Francis A.C. Vosters
1939-40A. William Engel Jr.C. Russell Eck
First issue of The Daily Collegian published Sept. 5, 1940.
1940-41Adam A. SmyserLawrence S. Driever
1941-42Ross B. LehmanJames McCaughey
During the weekend of Jan. 31-Feb. 1, 1942, The Daily Collegian moved to new offices on the ground floor of remodeled Carnegie Hall. The offices had been in 313 Old Main with a downtown office at 119-121 Frazier St.
1942-43Gordon CoyLeonard E. Bach
1943Paul I. Woodland
(Jane H. Murphy named editor for the summer of 1943)
Philip Philip Mitchell
1943-44Alice R. FoxNan Lipp
1944Lee H. LearnerRosalind Becker
1945Emil A. KubekBetty Federman
1945 Spring Semester, classes end June 13Victor Danilov
(Fay Young named sports editor for spring 1945)
Evelyn Wasson
1945 Summer Semester, classes end Oct. 13Helen HattonElaine Miller
1945-46Woodene BellMary Louise Davey
1946-47Michael A. BlatzRosemary Ghantous
1947-48Allan OstarDonald Ellis
1948-49Lewis StoneVance Klepper
1949-50Thomas E. MorganMarlin Weaver
1950-51Dean GladfelterOwen Landon
1951-52Marvin KrasnanskyEdward Shanken
1952-53David PellnitzFrank Kelly
1953-54David JonesVincent Drayne
1954-55Diehl McKalipFrank Cressman...
...quarters 1 and 2 William Devers...
...quarters 3 and 4
1955-56Myron Feinsilber...
...fall academic probation Norman C. Miller Jr. ...
...acting editor
John Albrecht...
...fall academic probation Roger Vogelsinger...
...acting business manager
1956-57Michael MoyleDavid Richards
1957-58Edward DubbsSteve Higgins
1958-59Robert FranklinFrank Vojtasek...
...graduated January 1959 Robert Piccone...
...appointed 11-19-58
1959-60Dennis MalickGeorge McTurk
1960-61John W. BlackChester Lucido
1961-62John W. BlackWayne Hilinski
1962-63Ann PalmerHerbert Witmer
1963-64C. David BolbachDiane Nast
1964-65John R. ThompsonDiane Nast
1965-66John LottArthur Rapp
1966-67William F. LeeHelen Van Norden
1967-68Richard WiesenhutterDick Weissman
1968-69Paul LevineWilliam Fowler
1969-70James R. DorrisPaul Bates
1970-71Robert J. McHughChris Dunlap
1971-72Robert J. McHughDrue Hayat
The Daily Collegian offices moved from 20 Sackett to Carnegie. The first issue in the new facility was the fall orientation issue dated Sunday, Sept. 17, 1972.
1972-73Paul J. SchaferJohn Meyers
1973-74Patricia J. StewartJohn Todd
1974-75Diane M. NottleCynthia Ashear
(later Ashear Barr)
1975-76Jerry SchwartzRobert Moffett
1976-77Sheila McCauleyNadine Kinsey
1977-78Jeffrey HawkesScott Sesler
1978-79David SkidmoreJudi Rodrick
and Judy Stimson
1979-80Peter BarnesMarjie Schlessinger
1980-81Betsy LongKathy Matheny
1981-82Paula FrokeDebbie Vinokur
1982-83Phil GutisPaul Rudoy
1983Suzanne M. Cassidy*Judith Smith*
1984Alecia SwasySusan Melle
1985Gail JohnsonMichael Meyers...
...resigned 10-31-85
Karen Jaret...
...appointed 11-19-85
1986Anita HuslinWilliam Landis
1987-88Christopher Raymond**Glenn Rougier**
1988-89Carolyn SorisioJan Miller
On Dec. 11, 1989, The Daily Collegian moved to a new home at 123 S. Burrowes St. The newly renovated facility offers about 10,000 square feet of office space.
1989-90Diane A. DavisJennifer Grimm
1990-91Ted SicklerTy D. Strohl
1991-92Isabel MolinaWendy L. Frank
1992-93Bridget MountTracy L. Risser
1993-94Mike AbramsWalt Gorba
1994-95Angela PomponioDanielle Gray
1995-96Courtney CairnsRandy Abrams
1996-97Jason AltJoann Charyton
1997-98Rachel Hogan...
...resigned 10-13-97
Julie Randall...
...appointed 10-14-97
...resigned 1-5-98
Megan Donley... ...appointed 1-5-98
Chris Taylor...
...resigned 12-19-97
Megan Hennigan...
1998-99Bridgette BlairScott Fallgren
1999-00Stacey ConferLaura Trovato
2000-01Patricia TisakFrancine Sadiky
2001-02Jill LeonardAmy Hibbard...
...resigned 3-7-02
Erin Doonan...
...confirmed 3-13-02
2002-03Alison KepnerMegan Janke
2003-04Lynne FunkRebecca Novac
2004-05Jimmy YoungJulie Columbus
2005-06Jennette C. HannahClay Kohler
2006-07Erin JamesCraig Rippley
2007-08Devon LashCarolyn Yanoff
2008-09Terry CaseyStef Kemmler
2009-10Rossilynne SkenaHolly Colbo
2010-11Liz MurphyKelsey Thompson
2011-12Lexi BelculfineStephanie Haas
2012-13Casey McDermottRuby Yip
2013-14Brittany HornAnjali Krishnan
2014-15Sam JaneschCarolyn Drozynski
2015-16Shannon SweeneySara Cudemo
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