Paul Levine '69

Editor in chief, 1968-69. Went on to become a newspaper reporter, a trial laywer and a law professor. In 1993 Penn State honored Paul as a Distinguished Alumnus. Paul has worked on scripts for the TV series JAG as writer, story editor and executive story editor. His credits include creator, writer and co-executive producer of the TV series First Monday.

  • Solomon vs. Lord (2005) -- First in a new series. "Paul Levine has written a terrific courtroom drama that's also funny as hell. It's as if John Grisham wrote a book with ... well, me." --Dave Barry
  • 9 Scorpions (1998) -- A tale of seduction and corruption at the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Flesh & Bones (1997) -- The woman is a model, the dead man is her millionaire father. Jake is enmeshed in a web of lies, deceit and psychological riddles.
  • Fool Me Twice (1996) -- A Jake Lassiter murder mystery set in Miami and Havana.
  • Slashback (1995) -- Evidence leads to a stunning woman windsurfer in Maui, where Jake learns the difference between youth and innocence, beauty and purity.
  • Mortal Sin (1994) -- Jake is embroiled in ethical and moral dilemmas and an affair with a client's wife.
  • False Dawn (1993) -- A Jake Lassiter murder mystery set in Miami and Havana.
  • Night Vision (1991) -- A Jake Lassiter story of serial murder and psycological intrigue.
  • To Speak for the Dead (1990)   -- An electrifying novel of courtroom suspense. First in the Jake Lassiter series.

Pat Little '77

Pat started his photography career in 1977 at The Daily Collegian. He was a photojournalist for the Centre Daily Times for many years. Now he is a free lance photographer for The Associated Press. He joined the Collegian Professional Staff as photo adviser in 2001.

  • Penn State Then & Now (1999) -- A photo essay showing Penn State yesterday and today. Pat invented a technique for producing "now" photos with the same perspective as old originals. Some of the "then" photos in his book have not been published before. This book is a must for Penn State alumni.

Vance Packard '36 (1914-1996)

Named Distinguished Alumnus in 1961. He last visited the Collegian offices in July 1983, when he swapped stories with Collegian staff members. Many of them had signed a welcome poster from Collegian that was placed in his room at the Nittany Lion Inn.

  • Our Endangered Children (1983) -- A commentary on growing up in a changing world.
  • A Nation of Strangers (1973) -- The mobility of Americans spread rootlessness throughout the country.
  • The Sexual Wilderness (1968) -- The contemporary upheaval in male-female relationships.
  • The Naked Society (1964) -- Outlines a threat to freedom from from giant dossiers, modern surveillance techniques and methods for modifying human behavior.
  • The Pyramid Climbers (1962) -- Describes the changing impact of American enterprise on managers.
  • The Waste Makers (1960) -- Made "planned obsolescence" a byword describing the impact of American productivity and its effects on the national character and the American people.
  • The Status Seekers (1959) -- Findings on social stratification and American behavior.
  • The Hidden Persuaders (1957) -- Debunks the techniques of the advertising business.

Phil Rife '67

Business (Local Advertising). Served four years as an Air Force public information officer, followed by a career in corporate journalism, advertising and public relations. Now devotes full time to researching and writing about unsolved mysteries.

  • The Pariah Files (2003) -- 25 dark secrets you're not supposed to know.
  • Was It Murder? (2002) -- Surprising facts about 22 famous deaths.
  • Premature Burials (2001) -- Famous and infamous people who cheated death and hoodwinked history.
  • It Didn't Start with Roswell (2001) -- Fifty years of amazing UFO crashes, close encounters and coverups.
  • The Goliath Conspiracy (2001) -- Blows the lid off history's biggest archeological coverup.
  • America's Nightmare Monsters (2001) -- Twenty-three of the scariest real-life mysteries you've never heard of.
  • America's Loch Ness Monsters (2000) -- Nessie's cousins in U.S. lakes, rivers and coastal waters.
  • Bigfoot across America (2000) -- State-by-state survey of documented cases.

Martin J. Smith '78

Columnist, editorial editor.

"When I was a sophomore poli sci major at Penn State University in 1975, I stumbled into the offices of The Daily Collegian, the student-run daily newspaper, and submitted a column I'd written. I don't remember what it was about, or why I thought I could write, but I'll never forget the sights, sounds and smells of the place. Old teletype machines clattering away in the wire room. Chain-smoking news editors barking at underlings. People talking about the world in a way that seemed so connected and important. I changed my major to journalism the next day and never looked back."

--excerpt from a 1998 interview, full article at Writers Write.

  • Straw Men (2001) -- Only memory expert Jim Christenden can pull the truth from a victim's shattered mind before the man who left her for dead can finish the job.
  • Shadow Image (1998) -- Jim Christenden encounters a web of lies created by one of Pennsylvania's wealthiest political families.
  • Time Release (1997) -- The story, set in Pittsburgh, was inspired by the repressed-memory prosecutions of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The main character is Jim Christensen, a memory expert.

Judith A. Stimson '79

Business Manager 1978-1979. Joined Procter & Gamble as a supply chain manager upon graduation. After more than 12 years, Judy entered management consulting, and she is an associate partner with Accenture. She specializes in supply chain and procurement. She holds a B.S. in management, an M.B.A. in finance, and a doctorate in marketing. Judy was on the Board of the Collegian Alumni Interest Group, where she served as treasurer and Scholarship Committee chair. Her books can be found on

  • Supplier Selection (1998) -- The ultimate goal of Supplier Selection is to leave you with the know-how and tools to continuously improve your selection of suppliers for your company.  Supplier Selection contains a procurement process framework that extends far beyond the  traditional approaches.
  • Supplier Partnerships (1999) -- Addresses a major factor influencing the success of acompany's supply management program. From the driving forces that help the initial partnership, to solidifying the relationship, to measuring and tracking supplier performance, the author defines what must occur at each critical point.
  • Leadership & Purchasing (2002)

Alecia Swasy '85

Editor in chief, 1984. Now assistant managing editor for business at The St. Petersburg Times.

  • Changing Focus (1997) -- Kodak and the Battle to Save a Great American Company.
  • Soap Opera (1993) -- The Inside Story of Proctor & Gamble.

Ron Swegman '89

Former Collegian staff member from 1986 to 1989; arts editor, 1987-88.

  • Philadelphia on the Fly: Tales of an Urban Angler (2005) -- A collection of essays and illustrations by Ron describing how his writing life and fly-fishing live have followed parallel lines through the years.
  • Small Fry: The Lure of the Little (2008) -- The virtual sequel to the author's 2005 debut collection of cycling and fly fishing essays is the first book in the outdoor sports genre to be serialized online. The first chapter debuted June 16 with a new chapter released every two weeks through the end of October 2008.

Laura Wexler '93

Former Collegian feature staff writer. She lived in Athens, Ga., from 1997 to 2001, serving as assistant editor of Georgia Magazine and teaching nonfiction writing in the University of Georgia English Department. She completed research on her nonfiction book while living in Athens. She now lives in Baltimore, Maryland, and teaches writing at Johns Hopkins University and The College of Notre Dame.

  • Fire in a Canebrake: The Last Mass Lynching in America (2003) -- The first full account of four murders at Moores Ford, Ga., in 1946. In her narrative account, Wexler relies on interviews, archives and an uncensored FBI report, to tell the story, including its modern legacy.
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