Louis H. Bell (1906-1958) (inducted 1987)

Lou Bell was Collegian editor in 1929. During his career, he served as journalist, Collegian adviser, journalism teacher and director of Penn State's Department of Public Information. He was instrumental in organizing Penn State Press, and he served as its executive director. Throughout his life, he touched the lives of many others.

On the occasion of our 100th anniversary, we were honored to name Lou Bell as the first member of the Collegian Alumni Hall of Fame.

H. Eugene Goodwin (inducted 1991)

Gene Goodwin is a former professor and director of the Penn State School of Journalism. He served on the Collegian Board of Directors almost continuously from 1957 to 1985. As president of the Board, in 1962 he urged Collegian to hire its first full-time adviser and he played a major role in recruiting advisers for two decades.

Later he was instrumental in helping to transform the Board of Directors into an independent Board, where the Board members acted first in Collegian's interest rather than representing various external groups.

There is no way we can measure how much he has done for Collegian. We want to express our appreciation by naming Gene Goodwin to our Hall of Fame.

A. William Engel Jr. and C. Russell Eck (inducted 1991)

Two Collegian executives from Penn State's Class of 1940 headed a committee to reorganize Collegian. Bill Engel was editor and Russ Eck was business manager. As a result of their efforts, Collegian Inc. was chartered in May 1940 and in September 1940 the Penn State Collegian became The Daily Collegian. Eck was one of three signers of the articles of incorporation.

Adam A. Smyser & Lawrence S. Driever (inducted 1991)

After Engel and Eck led Collegian on a giant step, they promptly graduated from Penn State. The task of actually running the first daily newspaper at Penn State fell to their successors -- Editor Adam "Bud" Smyser and Business Manager Larry Driever. We are pleased to add them to our Hall of Fame. (Driever is pronounced dree-ver.)

Smyser joined the Honolulu Star-Bulletin in 1946. He served in many positions, including editor in chief. He retired in 1983, but he continued working as a contributing editor. One of Smyser's earliest campaigns was the fight for Hawaii statehood in 1959.

In 1976, Penn State named Adam a Distinguished Alumnus. He last visited Collegian on Sept. 7, 1990, to help celebrate 50 years of daily publication. At the time of the visit, his younger brother Richard was a visiting professor of journalism at Penn State and a member of the Collegian Board.

Bud Smyser died March 19, 2001, after suffering a fall at his home in Honolulu. He was 80.

Ross B. Lehman (1918-2004) (inducted 1991)

Ross was editor of The Daily Collegian for 1941-42. He later served many years on the Board of Directors, helping to rewrite Collegian's constitution and bylaws. He has been a long-time friend and supporter of Collegian. Ross represents the spirit of tradition, camaraderie and responsibility that passes each year from one generation of Collegian staffers to the next.

Ross died Dec. 13, 2003, at his home in State College. Family and many friends attended a memorial service Dec. 18 at The Pasquerilla Spiritual Center at the Eisenhower Chapel on campus.

After graduating from Penn State in 1942, he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps and served as a first lieutenant bombardier/navigator. He was shot down over Austria and held as a prisoner of ware for nine months. During his internment, his right leg was amputated. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal with two clusters and the Purple Heart.

He served as city editor of the Lancaster (Pa.) New Era before joining the staff of the Penn State Alumni Association in 1948. In 1970, he was named executive director, a position he held until his retirement in 1983.

In 1988, Penn State named Ross a Distinguished Alumnus.

F.H. Leuschner, R.L. Parker and their staffs of the 1920 Penn State Collegian (inducted 2007)

History always depends on the quality of the research and the reference material, and the history of The Daily Collegian is no different.

Every so often we discover an error in our written history, and sometimes an error is repeated and repeated. Such was the case with a Penn State historical marker outside Carnegie Building. The marker said Collegian became a semi-weekly in 1911.

Fred Leuschner (pronounced loy-shner) saw a photo of the new historical marker in the summer 2002 issue of the Penn State alumni magazine, The Penn Stater. He was convinced the marker was in error and 1920 was the correct date. Fred's father, Frederick "Fritz" Leuschner, was editor in 1920.

The younger Leuschner set out to set the record straight. He obtained archived records from the general manager of The Daily Collegian, he scanned years of microfilm archives at Pattee Library and printed out pages that proved the correct date. He made telephone calls and wrote letters and made personal visits.

The younger Fred Leuschner succeeded in correcting an error, and a revised marker now stands outside Carnegie Building, which is a former home for The Daily Collegian as well as the long-time home of the College of Communications and its forerunners.

The story goes on.

Not only was Frederick "Fritz" Leuschner the editor in 1920, he was also instrumental in converting the Penn State Collegian to semi-weekly publication. The staff of that era talked about the change as one more step toward daily publication, a vision that was achieved 20 years later.

We are fortunate that Fred Leuschner chose to set the record straight, and his father's writings have connected us with an important part of Collegian history.

In honor of their successful efforts to begin semi-weekly publication of the Penn State Collegian, we have named Editor F.H. Leuschner, Business Manager R.L. Parker and their staffs of the 1920 Penn State Collegian to the Collegian Alumni Hall of Fame.

In recognition of his efforts to research Collegian history and set the record straight, we have designated the younger Fred Leuschner as an honorary Collegian alumnus.

Marv Krasnansky (inducted 2007)

Through the years I have gotten to know Marv as he made visits to campus and the Collegian office. Clearly, he had a great appreciation for his Collegian experience.

Through the years, I have turned to Marv from time to time for advice and encouragement. He has been very vocal in his support of The Daily Collegian.

Ten years ago, efforts were underway to create The Daily Collegian Alumni Interest Group. Marv became the founding president of the AIG, which is an important milestone in Collegian history.

We are here during this alumni reunion to celebrate another important milestone, the publication of The Collegian Chronicles. Marv conceived of the book project during his many hours of Collegian time. Many people have worked hard to carry out the vision, but clearly, Marv was the driving force.

In honor of his contributions to The Daily Collegian, we are pleased to add Marv's name to our Hall of Fame.

Patricia Hartranft (inducted 2017)

Patricia Hartranft, better known as Patti around the office, served as a champion for young journalists and The Daily Collegian for 40 years. Patti joined the Collegian professional staff in 1976 and was named general manager on Sept. 1, 2010.

Patti worked tirelessly to ensure the Collegian stood on solid financial ground while also maintaining its long history of journalistic integrity. Her door was literally always open as she welcomed any conversation about the Collegian and its role as a student-run news source at Penn State.

Patti's humor, kindness and dedication touched the lives of thousands of Penn State students and her professional staff. She opted to take a well-deserved retirement at the end of 2016 to “enjoy some down time and watch Collegian roar into the future.”