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Why Beauty Brands Are Adding Philanthropy To Their Core Values

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Cosmetic brands already do a really good thing by providing cosmetic products that aim to make the consumer feel beautiful. Whether it's cosmetics or skin care, these brands aim to make their customers look and feel beautiful. That, in itself, is a powerful mission. But many cosmetics companies are taking a step further, and are also beginning to include philanthropy into their business model and are contributing some very positive changes in society. Large corporations and indie brands alike are aiming to make real positive change, which is setting them apart from other brands.

The philanthropy incorporated into a brand's core values can range from partnering with a non-profit organization to educate consumers to contributing a portion of the company's proceeds to a non-profit or charity. Here are a few reasons why beauty brands are adding philanthropy to their core values.


They want to pay it forward.

01 Why Beauty Brands Are Adding Philanthropy To Their Core Values

Cosmetic companies are now creating business models with philanthropy in mind. These companies are partnering with non-profit organizations to create and sell products that give back in some way. With the saturation of cosmetic brands on the market, consumers are looking to purchase from a brand they know they can trust. Knowing that the cosmetic products they are buying are contributing to a cause that they support provides extra motivation for purchase.

Some cosmetics companies are coming out with a single product that contributes a portion of its sale to a charity or non-profit. Other companies like Royale Roulette are donating money out of every sale they make to a charity or organization of their choice. This company, Royale Roulette, is the birthplace of the phrase "cosmetics with a cause" and aims to educate and give back to the community. Their products are cruelty free, made from organic materials, and are FDA certified. They not only aim for morally fulfilling products, they also aim for quality and affordable cosmetic products.


They want to be more inclusive.

02 Why Beauty Brands Are Adding Philanthropy To Their Core Values

Inclusivity has been a massive wave in the cosmetic industry in the last couple of years. Before, brands have not been representative of a diverse range of skin tones. Now companies are seeking inclusivity by expanding their shade ranges and creating colors that are more flattering for all skin tones. This plays a big part in making brands more accessible.

This inclusivity is not limited to ethnic diversity; while that is of major importance, it's also important that quality cosmetics are affordable to a wider range of people. Clean beauty is a movement which is focused on using quality cosmetic ingredients in their formulas. These clean beauty brands have been known to come with a high price tag, leaving people with lower-income backgrounds to buy the products with lower-quality ingredients that might be harsh on the skin.

Companies are now moving to create quality beauty products that are free of fragrances, color additives, and talc which can all be harsh on the skin and cause allergic reactions, all while making them affordable. Even though the FDA regulates how much talc can be used in a cosmetic product, cosmetic talc contains asbestos which can cause a myriad of health problems like mesothelioma and damage to lymph node tissue. Cosmetic brands are now aiming for cleaner ingredients free of talc and asbestos, all while pricing it affordably for a wide range of financial backgrounds.


They want to inspire others.

03 Why Beauty Brands Are Adding Philanthropy To Their Core Values

These companies emerging with philanthropy in mind are aiming to inspire their customers. Companies like Royale Roulette are working to educate their customers on current political, economical, and social issues in our world today and to call them to action. Contributing to companies like Royale Roulette means so much more than getting great quality beauty consumer products. You're also giving funds to valuable partnerships with non-profit organizations to help build a better tomorrow.

Creating a brand for a company that is motivated by philanthropy and the genuine desire to make change inspires consumers to be more conscious when buying a product. Knowing that you're giving your money to a good cause makes it easier to spend a little extra cash to feel beautiful.

Content provided by Scholarship Media.