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Can You Buy a Dissertation?

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As I am finishing up my master’s degree, I’m considering going on to get my doctorate. But I have known my share of doctoral candidates who spent many stressful and overworked hours on their dissertations. And many of these same students had their dissertations rejected. I am not a strong writer and am afraid this will be my fate as well. I am afraid of taking all those classes and getting that far just to fail at the end because of one paper. I know this is part of the process and that I will have to do a lot of research and preparation. But I have heard of students who take different routes and hire someone to help them. I’m hoping the experts can help me out with this question. Can I buy a dissertation?

It seems you are off to a good start by considering your options and understanding your weak areas. Many students do in fact use a service to help them with their dissertations, research papers, and other college writing assignments. The reasons they do so vary greatly. Many are like you and just realize that writing is not their strongest skill. Therefore, they need the help of someone more adept in this area to polish off their work. Others simply run out of time with all the demands of school, families, and other commitments. These students probably already know their subject areas well, but they need a helping hand to adhere to scheduled due dates. A dissertation can take two or more years to write, and some students simply cannot commit to that kind of timeframe.

One idea that often makes students nervous is that hiring someone to write a paper is considered plagiarism and is somehow illegal. But this is actually not true. People who write and allow others to take credit for their work are called ghostwriters. And everyone from online bloggers to accomplished novelists hire them. While the law is a little hazy on the subject, as long as you have consent from the writer to use the work, it is not considered plagiarism, nor is it illegal.

The thing to remember about your dissertation is that no matter who writes it, you will have to defend it. For this reason, most students who pay someone to write their paper do their own research and submit their own outlines. They also thoroughly study the paper that was written and expand upon it to fit their needs and their own voice.

If you do decide to buy a dissertation, you should keep some things in mind. Hire a writer who is OK with your being a part of the process. You’ll need to be able to give him or her specific guidelines and feedback to make sure you’re adhering to department requirements. You’ll also need a writer who is available after the paper is written to clarify anything you don’t understand, correct mistakes, or give you extra information that may have been left out. It’s also important to make sure that you hire someone with valid credentials from a reputable company.

For example, if you’re writing a master’s thesis, you will probably need someone with at least a master’s degree to get the quality of work you need. Also, give them all the information they could possibly need and ask for them to send them the work as they go along. You can set this up to receive each chapter, each page, or each section. But make sure they’re agreeable to the terms up front. It is, after all, your reputation on the line, and you’ll want to make sure you submit the quality of work you want to be known for.

Content provided by Scholarship Media.