Hair Headaches

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I have an embarrassing problem that is really messing with me. I have too much hair. Not, you know, in the usual places: I have hair all over my back, and it makes me feel really self conscious. I know that looks aren't everything, but it makes me hesitant about beach and pool trips. I end up with patches I can't reach when I try to shave it, and it can be itchy growing back in. I’ve heard that Nair can be a great option - but a lot of people have allergic reactions to it, experts - do you have any tips?

Healthy, beautiful hair is a wonderful thing — as long as it stays where it belongs! Unfortunately for many of us mortals, however, hair has a way of popping up in some very unappealing places. Women may find hair on their face or in unwanted areas of their body. Men may find that the hair on their head disappears with age, only to reappear on their back! It's not pleasant, and it's certainly not good for the ol' self-esteem.

Of course, you're far from the only person struggling with this. Unwanted hair is among the most common cosmetic issues on the planet, and there are countless other men who are also feeling a bit uncomfortable about their back hair. Anytime you see a man with hair on his arms or chest, you can be pretty sure he’s got some on his back, too (or, if he doesn’t, he will as he ages). And some people are just fine with their back hair. But what can those of us who aren’t — like you — do about it?

For starters, you can attempt to rectify the issue at home. There are a few ways to do this, some of which are more involved than others. You could simply shave your back, for instance. While it may be too tough for you to get to the hairy reaches of your middle back with a traditional razor, you'll find plenty of razor extender handles online made for just this purpose (be careful, though — experts say it’s easy to cut your back!). The problem with shaving, though, is that you'll get stubble. Expect to make shaving your back a fairly regular part of your routine (think every few days or so) and exfoliate daily with a back brush in the shower to avoid ingrown hairs and pimples. If this sounds like too much, you could try home waxing. There are simple waxing kits that can be used with little more than a microwave, so it’s not difficult to wax your own back. The drawbacks of waxing are that your hair must be at least a quarter-inch long to wax, and that pulling the wax off of a hard-to-reach place can be tough unless you assist the help of an understanding partner. On the plus side, your hair will grow back soft, not as sharp stubble.

If this all sounds too involved for you, fear not: you can always leave the job to the pros. Professionals make waxing a breeze, and a quick appointment can leave you feeling smooth and attractive. It may not be your favorite place to be spotted, but don't worry: the process is quick, and you won't have to go back nearly as often as you would have to shave your back at home.

Of course, there are next-level options, like laser treatments. Cosmetic lasers can take hair out with the power of light, explain experts at Cosmetic Laser Warehouse who sell used cosmetic lasers. Speak to a local professional for more options.

Whatever you decide, try not to let your back hair rule your life. This is an exceptionally common problem, and it's not a big deal at all. There's a lot that you can do to mitigate the rough look of back hair, but don't worry about people finding out that you have a bit of hair back there. Normal folks will understand, because there's a good chance they're in the same boat!

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