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8 Common Plastic Surgery Questions

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After you have made the decision to undergo plastic surgery, the next step is conducting preliminary research of your own. In this case, the research should involve things like the best plastic surgeon for your preferred procedure and their credentials, plus many more questions. As a guide, keep reading as we explore eight pertinent questions you should ask your plastic surgeon to ensure that they are the best fit for your plastic surgery.


1. What is your area of specialization?

01 8 Common Plastic Surgery Questions

Like all medical professionals, surgeons who practice plastic surgery require a minimum of five years of medical school. When compared to other medical professionals such as general practitioners, prospective plastic surgeons require additional training in reconstructive surgery and other potential post-operative procedures. Given that your procedure could potentially be a surgical one, you will need a surgeon well versed in all areas of surgery, as opposed to one who only practices non-surgical procedures.

Plastic surgery in Toronto is a booming business, which means that there are a ton of plastic surgeons practicing in the area. As an example, Dr. Jerome Edelstein of Edelstein Cosmetic in Toronto says, "I’ve restricted my practice to the breast and body in order to super-specialize in these areas. Focusing on just a few procedures has given me tremendous experience that allows me to get the best results.”

If you need to run a background check on your surgeon's qualifications, you can run a quick search through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons directory.


2. What procedure would you recommend?

02 8 Common Plastic Surgery Questions

Even though you may have a procedure in mind, it is best to seek your doctor's opinion on what procedure they think would work best for you. Of course, you should get that lip-filler if you're dead set on it because ultimately, you have the final word. After all, it is your body. However, listen to their counsel and let it inform your decision.


3. How many times have you performed this procedure?

03 8 Common Plastic Surgery Questions

Cosmetic plastic surgery is a big deal with results that affect how we see ourselves and how the world sees us. Therefore, it goes without saying that you will want a surgeon with years of experience handling your procedure. You wouldn't want to be a plastic surgeon's first rhinoplasty, now would you? You probably do not want to be among the first few patients on whom he is trying to perfect his facelift technique either. While it may feel like a rude and somewhat uncomfortable question to ask at first, keep in mind that not asking could potentially leave you disfigured. Make sure you know about the surgeon's experience before they make the first incision.


4. What will my recovery process look like?

04 8 Common Plastic Surgery Questions

Assuming that you do intend to have a surgical cosmetic surgery procedure, this is an important question because it helps you understand the nature of post-op recovery, and also to decide if this is the right time to have cosmetic surgery. To begin with, enquire about how long you will be required to step away from your daily life activities. This is important for planning purposes as it helps you plan for time off work, seek long-term childcare and take care of other important preparations.


5. Do you have hospital privileges to perform this procedure?

05 8 Common Plastic Surgery Questions

Although most non-surgical cosmetic surgery procedures are done outside a hospital, it is important to enquire from your surgeon if they have access to a hospital. Complications may arise during your procedure, even they're performing non-surgical procedures, so it would be good to know that a hospital is on standby, just in case.


6. Can I see before and after pictures of previous patients?

6 8 Common Plastic Surgery Questions

An established plastic surgeon will be able to supply you with before and after pictures of implants or other work they have done on patients of their own. Most times, they have the written consent of these patients to do so.


7. After how long will the results start to show?

7 8 Common Plastic Surgery Questions

Even though the healing process depends on the individual patient, having a general overview of how long your healing process will take is a great way to help you plan for your recovery. Some procedures like liposuction, or breast augmentation may take between one to three months for you to start seeing results, while some procedures like dermal fillers begin to show results in 48 hours.


8. What is the total cost of this procedure?

8 8 Common Plastic Surgery Questions

When it comes to plastic surgery, the fees extend far beyond the surgeon's fees. They include operating room fees, anesthesia, lab fees, consultation, and many more. During your consultation, be sure to ask for a proper fee breakdown in order to avoid last-minute surprises.

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