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5 Ways to Maximize Your Workout Results in Just 30 Days

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You don't dedicate the time and discipline to working out to achieve average results. When you maximize your workout, you can spend less time working out and see more desirable results sooner. You can get stronger, fitter, and leaner with a super-effective workout done a few days a week. Check out the following ways to take your workout from average to maximized in 30 days.

Limit workouts to 30-40 minutes.

When it comes to getting the most from your workout, focus on quality over quantity. After 30 to 40 minutes of working out, your body will start to get tired and your stamina will fade. To put in a long workout, you would have to lower the overall intensity of your workout. You will see better results by limiting your workouts to a higher intensity for a shorter time.

01 5 Ways to Maximize Your Workout Results in Just 30 Days

Go for high-intensity workouts.

Take it slow when you first starting a workout routine and practice building up your endurance. Focus on form, breathing, and stamina for at least a month then increase the intensity to increase the effectiveness of your workout.

Practicing minute per minute, high-intensity intervals have a lot of cardiovascular and fat-loss benefits. Do timed intervals of full effort followed by short, low-intensity breaks.

02 5 Ways to Maximize Your Workout Results in Just 30 Days

Get your proteins and carbs in.

Cardio and strength workouts need protein to build muscles, and muscles need protein to rebuild themselves. Load up on protein to get the most out of your workout, especially before you go to bed. Eating a snack rich in slow-digesting protein casein helps increase the rate of protein synthesis while you sleep.

Your body uses carbs as its main fuel source, so you need to eat carbs for intense workouts. Eating carbs pre-workout can help keep you energized during intense intervals, help burn more calories, and promote muscle growth. Drink protein-carb shakes before and after your workout to give your body the fuel it needs to get the most out of your workout.

Failing to hydrate during your workout will eventually make exercising feel harder, reduce your performance, and reduce your body's ability to recover post-workout. You lose approximately two percent of your body weight during a workout. You should drink half to one ounce of water per pound of body weight throughout the day. It takes your body a couple of hours to absorb water, so chugging right before a workout won't do any good.

03 5 Ways to Maximize Your Workout Results in Just 30 Days

Start taking pre-workout supplements.

Pre-workout nutrition is essential to priming your anabolic environment in muscle cells. No matter what type of workout you do, the right combination of nutrients allows your body to work harder, better, and more efficiently. Getting these nutrients isn't difficult, but getting the right balance of them can be. Rave Reviews is a great introduction to pre-supplement use, from how they help your body to how to use them. Rave Reviews writer William Kennedy gives an ultimate guide that explains the ins and outs of pre-workout supplements and how positive energy maximizes the results of your workout.

04 5 Ways to Maximize Your Workout Results in Just 30 Days

Get a better night's sleep.

Getting a quality night's sleep is essential to pretty much all body functions and your overall health. Poor sleep impacts your endurance while working out and the number of calories you burn, and it also slows your body's recovery. Practice good sleep hygiene by sleeping on a supportive mattress, clean high-quality sheets, and comfortable pillows. A good night's sleep is between seven to nine hours.

Don't feel like you need to commit to a specific workout style if you don't like it. The key to getting results is doing an exercise plan that you actually enjoy. Once you know what motivates, maximize your workout with these methods and see a new you in 30 days.

05 5 Ways to Maximize Your Workout Results in Just 30 Days
Content provided by Scholarship Media.