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3 Best Keller Barber Chairs of 2020

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Keller International has a longstanding reputation in the United States as producing some of the highest-quality barbershop and beauty salon equipment on the market. The Keller brand focuses on a mixture of style and substance which helps their products stand out in the crowded beauty industry.

Whether you're looking to make some upgrades and increase your local capacity or you're simply ready to invest in some quality chairs, here are the three best Keller International chairs of 2020.

1. The Knockout Barber Chair

If you're looking for a chair that's sure to wow your clients every time they step foot into your barber shop, the Knockout Barber Chair is an absolute showstopper. One look at this chair immediately tells you that it's not something you can get anywhere else in the United States. If you want some strong evidence that the pros at Keller International know exactly what they're doing, this is it. Unlike some would-be competitors who are selling their products on Amazon and eBay, Keller is focused on providing local organizations and shops with chairs that are robust.

The Knockout Chair is definitely built to last. It's very flexible so it's suitable for virtually every barbershop service. On top of that, it's simply incredibly comfortable for the clients. When it comes to providing every client with that added wow factor, you can't go wrong with this chair.

2. The Knockout Rose Gold Barber Chair

Much like its counterpart, this is the amazing Knockout Chair that shops around the country absolutely love. It's easy to use so you won't need technical assistance, and it also has the added benefit of being absolutely gorgeous to look at. Many shops enjoy the original Keller Knockout Chair because it combines bold grey tones with the metallic accents of the frame. It looks modern and sleek which makes it the perfect addition to any shop. However, its Knockout Rose Gold sibling has an undeniable appeal. While both chairs look aesthetically pleasing, the combination of subtle rose gold against the black leather cushioning creates a mouthwatering color combination that makes clients feel luxurious.

If you're looking at a chair in the Knockout family, you can't go wrong either. However, if you really want to stand out and give your clients something to talk about after they've gotten a fresh cut, trim, or shave, this is the perfect chair for you.

3. The Toronto Gold Barber Chair

Do you like all things flashy and bold? Do you want your clients to know exactly the kind of shop they're visiting from day one? Then you'll probably fall in love with the Toronto Gold Barber Chair. It's built with the same attention to quality, longevity, and detail as the Knockout series. While it may look similar at a first glance, you'll notice some key structural differences when you look a little closer. The Toronto style uses a more rounded back than many barbershop chairs on the market and it also allows for some different color combinations that really stand out. A buyer favorite is the blue and gold blend. It combines pops of blue leather against the shimmering gold frame and it looks as if it's been designed with royalty in mind. After a minute of sitting in this Keller bestseller, your clients will certainly feel like kings.

If you ask around the industry, you'll probably hear the name Keller International come up time and again. Shops love them and they make a stylist's life that much easier. Plus, they simply look and feel better than the countless knockoffs and cheap products that are on the market. If you want your shop to stand out, go with Keller.

Content provided by Scholarship Media.