After a surprise performance at Champs Downtown to debut their new single “Cool,” last semester, the Jonas Brothers returned to State College Wednesday night with an electric performance.

Joe, Kevin, and Nick left the Bryce Jordan Center speechless, over the edge, and just breathless, much like their 2008 hit “Lovebug.” The band featured songs from their album as well as old, nostalgic fan-favorites like “Burnin’ Up.”

According to Joe Jonas’s Twitter, he celebrated his 21st birthday at Champs with his manager and State College native, Phil McIntyre. The brothers seem to have gotten hooked on the vibrant Penn State atmosphere ever since, as they have made multiple appearances in State College recently.

Corning, New York natives, Katie and Eileen Kramer had traveled to State College to see the Jonas Brothers for the second time after technical difficulties during the Buffalo, New York show.

“The Buffalo show was so, so good,” Katie Kramer said, in spite of the sound issues during the show.

Others non-Penn State students, like Cheyanne Snyder from Huntingdon were eager for the band’s return.

“They were gone for so long, so I’m excited,” Snyder said.

Some audience members were excited to enjoy the music, like Stephanie Mutz.

“I’m ready to just vibe,” Mutz (freshman-division of undergraduate studies) said.

The night opened with Jordan McGraw, who is Dr. Phil’s son’s, set. He sat in the audience for the remainder of the show, according to his Twitter.

McGraw wore a Penn State Jersey with his own last name on the back, and his set included a song written by Joe Jonas and a cover of blink-182’s “What’s My Age Again?”

“I’ve been told that y’all are crazy,” McGraw said.

McGraw said he did not have a college football team he supported prior to touring with the Jonas Brothers, but he now is a Penn State fan.

Bebe Rexha’s entrave was matched with dark, futuristic graphics.

The videos on screen behind her and the wardrobe choices were filled with black and gray, yet Rexha’s energy and vocals served as a figurative splash of color. Her backup dancers and band continued to boost the intensity throughout her entire set.

“I dropped out of college,” Rexha said. The audience, full of students, applauded.

Rexha continued her performance with various other hit songs like “The Monster” and “Better Now.”

“Love makes the world go ‘round, and I really believe that. There’s no such thing as hate,” Rexha said.

In between acts, the crowd remained enthusiastic. Many sang along to the music being played and even responded with “Ay, must be the money,” during “Ride Wit Me” by Nelly.

The Jonas Brothers finally made an entrance by descending from the ceiling of the BJC to open with “Rollercoaster.” Fireworks were set off onstage to match the lyrics of the song, and the audience gave a long applause after.

A mix of old favorites and songs from their new album illuminated the BJC is when paired with the bands excited and the bright color scheme throughout all of the onstage visuals.

“Thank you so much for having us back Penn State. If I told you two years ago we were gonna do this, you would’ve thought I was crazy,” Kevin said.

The boys later moved to a smaller stage at the back of the venue to create a more intimate experience.

With balloons floating and the small stage slowly elevated, the BJC looked radiant during the “Hesitate.”

To compliment the higher-energy songs, the band played a few acoustic tunes with warm lighting while on the small stage, including the classic Camp Rock favorite “Gotta Find You.”

“This is the part of the show where things get fun,” Joe said.

He proceeded to lead a “We Are” chant.

Later emerging in all white in front of a forest background, the band played ballads like “When You Look Me in the Eyes” to an audience lit by iPhone flashlights.

“Penn State has a very special place in our hearts, for many reasons,” Nick said.

Nick also said they were in Pittsburgh last night, and he was aware of the rivalry between Pitt and Penn State. However, he said State College was a louder crowd.

The Jonas Brothers finished the night out with fan favorites like “Lovebug,” “Year 3000,” “Burnin’ Up,” and “Sucker.”

“A toast; to the happiest place in the world,” Nick said to finish off the show.

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