Where is that effervescent fluffy teen in her ripped jeans plastered with big orange, red and yellow flowers? Have you seen her? Was she running around campus underneath a cute little bowler hat last week, frantically trying to add classes like everyone else? Is she some lucky girl's roommate? Have you gone to take a shower in the morning and heard a bubblegum voice in the stall next to you belting out "Shake your love, I just can't shake your love"?

Certainly you would have noticed the burly bodyguards waiting for the 18-year-old beauty outside the showers so they could wisk her off to her dorm room. Maybe it seems unlikely that she would live in University housing, perhaps she is in a house on South Allen St., nah...she probably has a hotel suite at the Sheraton...or maybe she flies in from L.A. everyday for class!

Where is Debbie Gibson?

"I thought I saw her walking down College Avenue last week, but I don't know. This girl looked too tall, she's short isn't she?" Kate Dougherty (junior-liberal arts) said.

"I heard on the radio last semester that she was registering here and that she was going to study music," Brady Frantz (sophmore-liberal arts) said.

"I hadn't heard any rumors that she was on campus," Erin Landy (senior- English) said.

Denise Zook (junior-food science/nutrition science) said, "I heard that if you're a freshman, you'd believe it."

The department of public information has no student listing of a Deborah Gibson and neither do the campus telephone operators.

"Millions of people call and ask for her phone number everyday," an operator said, "but we have no listing of a Debbie Gibson. Some of the older operators still look up her name each time someone calls. They don't know who she is," he said.

Who started these nasty rumors that the chart-busting blonde honor student from Calhoun High in Merrick N.J. would take time out from making millions on her concert tour to come to Penn State and wrestle with things like general education credits?

"I started it. My friends and I were watching a video of Debbie Gibson in the HUB Cellar and I told everyone I heard that she was coming to Penn State," Keith Scriven (junior-speech communications) said.

But alas, Debbie Gibson is not here, never was, and probably never will be. Her public relations manager, David Salador, said that she is in the middle of a 40 city tour now and when that ends in mid-October, she will finish her second album.

"She'd like to go to school sometime, but right now she is getting a far better education on tour than she could get anywhere else," Salador said.

It was only in your dreams.

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