The Jonas Brothers

Less than a week away from the Jonas Brothers’ invasion of the Bryce Jordan Center as part of their “Happiness Begins” tour, many students on campus are buzzing with excitement about the band’s return.

The Bryce Jordan Center will mark the Jonas Brothers’ first official visit to campus since they reunited as a band. The brothers had previously performed at the Bryce Jordan Center in 2008 with Demi Lovato.

The brothers made an unofficial, last minute surprise visit to Champs in April, performing some of their latest hits featured with throwbacks.

Christina Drofich was not of legal drinking age to visit Champs that night in April. However, she is ready now and plans to be prepared in hopes the brothers reappear at Champs once more.

“I have much respect for their new stuff. That’s what brings the appeal; the excitement to go back and hear ‘Year 3000,’ but also get to listen to ‘Cool,’” Drofich (senior-advertising) said.

Another major fan, Meredith Tirdel , said she does not have tickets but wants them and still plans on purchasing them.

Tirdel (senior-marketing) confesses she is not prepared because she only is familiar with two of their new hits. She is still excited to reminisce on a band from her childhood.

Tirdel and Drofich very much support Champs for their connection to the Jonas Brothers.

Jonas Brothers Champs Downtown Line

A crowd outside Champs Downtown forms due to the arrival of the Jonas Brothers on Friday, April 5, 2019.

On the other hand, some students either feel the buzz around the Jonas Brothers is overrated or simply do not feed into it.

“They’re a little overrated for me, last time everybody was into the Jonas Brothers, we were thirteen…like they’re all grown now and have lives,” Kayla Simmons (senior- journalism) said.

“They’re not even single anymore. I can’t even be excited.”

Simmons expressed that the hype surrounding them causes her to feel reluctant to join the group of students that are fans of the brothers. Some people may not be as into the Jonas Brothers as they were ten years ago.

All the brothers are married, and in fact bring their wives along to a few events.

Cayle Londono (freshman-data sciences) is part of the group of students that do not feed into the excitement of the band. He was never a huge fan, but he’s listened to some of their old hits. He said he will not be attending the concert.

Londono said he knew of the excitement surrounding the Jonas Brothers before coming to Penn State.

“I feel people at Penn State are more into it just because we know they love Penn State so much,” Tirdel said.

Tickets are still available for the concert on Wednesday, and can be purchased through Ticketmaster.

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