Illenium concert, William Black

William Black performs at the Bryce Jordan Center on Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019 as part of Illenium's Ascend tour.

Electronic dance music fans gathered Thursday night in the Bryce Jordan Center for a night of colorful music and visuals.

EDM musician Illenium came to Penn State for the State College stop of his "Ascend" tour on Oct. 3, 2019. Known normally as Nick Miller, Illenium is based in Denver, Colorado. He is currently touring after his successful 2017 debut.

Illenium is “one of the best producers in the game,” according to the biography on his website.

The crowd was smaller in physical size than previous concerts. Despite that, an enthusiastic crowd entered the BJC. A sudden downpour of rain did not allow most fans’ mood to drop.

The floor was filled with students and State College residents. Many were active listeners of EDM, such as Troy Bickmann.

“I love Illenium, and EDM, and I’m really excited for this show,” Bickmann (junior-mechanical engineering) said.

Bickmann began to listen to Illenium because of his friends, who he was attending the show with.

“The whole EDM scene is great. I love the people that come here,” Bickmann said. “I really like festivals especially.”

Illenium concert, crowd

The crowd dances to Ekali's set during Illenium's Ascend tour at the Bryce Jordan Center on Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019.

Most audience members wore adornments like glitter, glow sticks, Illenium t-shirts, and bandanas to capture the festival-like atmosphere.

William Black opened the show. He originally came on stage with a galaxy-themed background, but he stayed true to the spirit of EDM with plenty of colorful lights and psychedelic videos on the screen behind him.

There were brand new songs in Black’s set, according to the DJ himself.

For many fans at the concert, it was not their first EDM event. Maria and Quinn Fasnacht had last seen Illenium at an EDM festival.

“We actually went to Moonrise and saw [Illenium],” Fasnacht said.

Moonrise is an EDM festival that occurs annually in Baltimore, Maryland, occurring to the festival’s website. Fasnacht, a 2018 Penn State graduate, traveled to his alma mater this time to see an EDM concert.

“I’m so glad to be back at Penn State, especially for a show like this,” Fashnacht, a Penn State 2018 graduate, said.

Illenium concert, Ekali

Ekali performs at the Bryce Jordan Center on Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019 as part of Illenium's Ascend tour.

Each of the DJs featured a spectacle of lighting and colors that coordinated with their music.

Dabin played after William Black’s short set, followed by Eckali.

Illenium created a summer festival atmosphere inside the Bryce Jordan Center on an October weekday. The lighting and music paired with Illenium’s set encouraged many people to dance for the entirety of the performance.

His set combined visuals with his music to create an experience appealing to multiple senses. Illenium also incorporated percussion and a keyboard into his otherwise electronic music.

“I love everything about EDM," Maria Faschnact said, "The lights, the energy, and the vibe just make it so fun.”

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