In accordance with Global Entrepreneurship Week, some women entrepreneurs in film will give insight into their lives.

The State Theatre will present “Women Entrepreneurs in Film: An Evening with Distributor Nancy Gerstman of Zeitgeist Films and Filmmaker Pearl Gluck” at 5:30 p.m. tonight.

Pearl Gluck said she is excited to share the stage with Gerstman.

Nancy Gerstman is the co-president and co-founder of Zeitgeist Films — a distribution company which acquires and distributes independent films from the U.S. and around the world, according to Zeitgeist Films’ website.

Gerstman will discuss how she receives independent films and makes them financially viable, Gluck, assistant professor in the department of film-video and media studies, said, and she will explain how independent films get into theaters when mainstream distributors may not pick them up.

Rod Bingaman, senior lecturer, said he is looking forward to Nancy Gerstman’s insight on distributing films, and how her experiences compare to his own experiences.

Best known for her film “Divan,” filmmaker Gluck is a writer, editor and director.

Gluck said she is inspired by autobiographies, and combines documentary and fiction into her projects.

They’ve known each other for 10 years and Gluck said she is happy that Gerstman took a chance on her first film.

Gluck’s film “Divan,” will be shown after the discussion in honor of its 10-year anniversary.

“Divan” is a documentary about the quest to retrieve couch that grand rabbis have slept on. Throughout this journey, Gluck met many different people who provided guidance and inspiration.

“It’s funny and adventurous, and we get to know Pearl as a character,” Bingaman said.

Martin Camden, a film professor, said he’s always interested in work done by his colleagues in the College of Communications.

“I look forward to this documentary, which has similar themes to the narrative in the college town spring festival,” Camden said.

Gluck said she wants to inspire people to take a chance and to get the skills to create their projects.

Gluck said her students will have the opportunity to show their work to Gerstman and that it’s a “great experience” and “big honor.” Gluck is excited to introduce the executive to her students, she said.

Admission for the event is free.

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