Kenan Thompson has come a long way since his days as the squeaky clean, faux-Frenchman Pierre Escargot on the Nickelodeon show “All That .”

But even after starring on "Saturday Night Live " for 11 seasons and working with countless celebrities such as Bill Cosby and Samuel L. Jackson , Thompson was not embarrassed to talk about where he got his start in his hour-long performance at Eisenhower Auditorium last night.

The event, a continuation of the Student Programming Association ’s Comedy Month, was a hybrid standup performance and question and answer session.

Dressed casually in black sweatpants and a red and black hoodie, Thompson spent the first half hour doing prepared material.

Chronicling his experience in show business beginning with his first part in a fried chicken commercial to his David Ortiz impression on SNL last weekend, Thompson took the audience on a walk down memory lane, or, more accurately, a scroll through his IMDB page.

Thompson was not shy about letting the audience know which celebrities he enjoyed working with over the years, and which ones he did not.

“Ben Stiller was kind of a dick,” Thompson said of his experience with the actor on the set of “Heavyweights. ” “We were all just kids, and he was always like telling us we needed to focus more and get serious.”

Thompson said although working with Cosby on “Fat Albert ” was a dream come true, the iconic comedian did not live up to his wholesome image.

“He told me I was going to need two dicks for all of the women I was going to get after the movie came out,” Thompson said. “It completely changed my perspective on everything I thought I knew about the world.”

Thompson spoke highly of his lengthy time on SNL, saying it helped him bridge the gap between being a child actor and being taken seriously as an adult.

The "Good Burger " actor spent the second half of the show fielding questions from the audience.

Fans stepped up to the microphones to ask questions about everything from his opinion of celebrities in the Illuminati – he has never met any of them – to what his favorite musical guest on SNL has been – Outkast.

When asked about his weirdest experiences on SNL, Thompson said the worst thing that happens on the show is when a sketch completely bombs, like his Al Sharpton detective sketch did on Saturday.

Thompson said the worst guest hosts are the ones who do not seem interested in being there, and although he would not reveal who his least favorite host was, he said it rhymed with “Baris Milton.”

Thompson also revealed that he would be willing to act a fourth “Mighty Ducks ” movie.

“Someone would just need to pay Joshua Jackson , he would be expensive, and then just feed the rest of us McDonald’s.”

When asked about his current relationship with “Kenan & Kel ” co-star Kel Mitchell , Thompson said he still has a difficult time talking about it.

“He was mean to me, and we didn’t talk for a while,” Thompson said. “He’s still around though, hopefully we might get back together at some point.”

The audience, which filled the orchestra section of the auditorium and spilled into the upper levels, seemed surprised to hear Thompson speak so candidly.

“It was really cool to hear about his connection with other celebrities,” Stephanie Hartman (freshman - international relations) said.

Montana Stigger (junior - agribusiness management) said, “With celebrities, you never know, but he seemed like a nice guy and was very funny.”

Laura Holtzinger (sophomore-journalism) agreed that Thompson appeared to be very humble.

“It was awesome to see him taking questions and pictures with people,” Holtzinger said. “Also, it doesn’t look like he has aged at all.”

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