The cover of Dababy's new album, ''Kirk''. 

The rap world just got a little hotter with the release of rapper DaBaby’s new album.

DaBaby released this highly anticipated follow up to his successful early 2019 album “Baby on Baby”. The rapper’s new album “KIRK” was released on Sept. 27 and has 13 tracks.

It featuring artists like Nicki Minaj, Kevin Gates, Chance the Rapper, Migos and more. “KIRK” has four singles, “INTRO”, “BOP”, “VIBEZ” and “TOES” featuring Lil’ Baby and Moneybagg Yo.

DaBaby has tracks from his previous album still performing well on the charts in conjunction with the release of this project, such as “Suge”, “Babysitter” and “Baby on Baby”.

The album is predicted to dethrone the current No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart, “Hollywood’s Bleeding”, by fellow rapper Post Malone. HITS Daily Double is estimating that “Kirk” will sell between 130,000 and 15 0,000 albums equivalent to 160-180 million streams.

This album is a very personal and autobiographical album for the rapper as the album’s title, “KIRK,” is DaBaby’s birth last name. The album’s artwork is a photo of DaBaby as a child being held by his late father, making it even more personal.

Throughout the album the artist makes multiple references to the death of his father on songs like “INTRO” and “GOSPEL”. On the first track, “INTRO,” DaBaby reflects on the loss of his father, finding out that he died the same day his breakout album “Baby on Baby” went No.1 on music streaming services.

DaBaby’s rap style is very suave, smooth, confident and cocky. On songs like “OFF THE RIP” and “VIBEZ,” the artist raps about having many women seek after him, money and his street reputation. However, these confident and cocky songs make the deeper, more introspective and personal songs like “INTRO” and “GOSPEL” stand out on the album.

Another popular theme on the album is DaBaby’s daughter and addressing the effects of fame. In various songs on the album, Dababy discusses his ability to easily support his young daughter and lavishly spend $30 thousand on his daughter’s birthday party.

On the track “POP STAR” featuring fellow rapper Kevin Gates, DaBaby speaks to the massive success of his career in 2019. Often times when hip-hop artists begin to gain mass popularity, they often times get referred to as pop stars by their peers and pre-fame fans. This has been seen to happen to artists like Drake and Travis Scott among many others.

DaBaby acknowledges his success while still letting people know that he’s still tough even if push comes to shove. This may be referring to a viral incident in May of 2019 when a rival rapper harassed and attempted to assault DaBaby while shopping in a Louis Vuitton store. This incident led to DaBaby infamously punching the rival rapper out of his pants on camera.

All of the features on DaBaby’s album feel natural and add a significant amount to DaBaby’s tracks like “IPHONE” featuring rapper Nicki Minaj’s equally cocky verse and Chance the Rapper’s soulful verse on “GOSPEL”.

This album gets a 4.5 out of 5. Overall, “KIRK” is a successful sophomore project from the DaBaby. While it would be a plus to hear a larger variation of beats on this project, the beats on the album are captivating and are paired perfectly with DaBaby’s smooth flow. On this album he shows his versatility with song topics and flows, showing he can effectively rap about materialistic things and the serious topics in life.

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