Bistrozine restaurant

State College's newest restaurant, Bistrozine, fuses American and Asian cuisine in a contemporary way.

State College's recently opened Asian Fusion restaurant Bistrozine, located at 409 E. Calder Way, offers a wide-ranging selection of beverages, dim sum and desserts — diversifying it from other Asian eateries in downtown State College.

Upon entering, guests are greeted by contemporary and minimalistic decor.

The restaurant has a booth and table setting, and there is a selection of swing seating by tall glass windows that look over Calder Way.

Additionally, there is a large window looking into the kitchen that allows customers to watch the kitchen staff cook and plate dishes.

From 11 a.m.-3:30 p.m. guests can indulge in the restaurant's lunch menu, “Dim Sum and Then Some.”

The checklist-style menu showcases a variety of dim sum-styled cuisine, accompanied by a customer’s choice of tea.

Traditional options including Cha Shao Bao and Xia Jiao are offered in bite size portions. However, more contemporary shareable dishes on the lunch menu include waffles from classic fruit waffles to buffalo chicken.

Regular menus are provided at any time. According to its website, the eatery's traditional menu has multiple sections including something to drink, tea, something to share, rice and ramen and something sweet.

I got to try out some dishes at the restaurant along with my roommate. Although we didn’t try the dim sum, we heard rave reviews of the cha shao bao and chi jiao zi from other customers in attendance.

We tried the tonkatsu pork ramen and spicy beef miso ramen, which we paired with coffee on the rock and bright and bubbly drinks.

We both enjoyed our experience with the great food and even better hospitality.

Bistrozine pork ramen

Bistrozine's pork ramen dish is among many of the fusion cuisine served in the newly opened restaurant

It was a very intimate setting and we were served quickly.

The prices are justified considering the large portion sizes.

Vegan options and spice levels are indicated on the menu, making it easy for customers to gauge their interest in the meal they choose.

Beverages range from milkshakes to puree juices, along with an extensive tea selection.

Every drink is dressed to please the eye. For instance, the cookies and cream milkshake is dressed with cookie butter whipped cream, cookie crumbs and a Twix bar, and the mango monster juice has balled mango swirled at the bottom of the glass and is topped with whipped cream and mango sherbet.

Teas are served in an elegant glass teapot, and they vary from traditional blends to hybrids.

The restaurant carries a premium selection of Chinese oolong, sinseng, white and green teas, and blends like passion fruit lychee, strawberry lemon and mixed fruit.

Shareables at the eatery showcase their Asian-fusion ideas. Typical Asian dishes like edamame and spring rolls are featured on the menu, along with Americanized versions of bacon cheeseburger dumplings and popcorn chicken.

Rice and ramen are sure to satisfy any customer’s craving. From the chicken fried rice to the drunken noodles, the dishes are offered in generous portions and either have a twist or are garnished to fit the overall aesthetic of the restaurant.

Some dishes go beyond the category’s name like lemongrass tilapia and grilled beef ribs.

Finally for dessert, the fusion aspect comes back to the menu, as well as keeping some American favorites.

Strawberry cheesecake, red velvet cake and fried twinkies are served up for customers that prefer to stick to the classics, while the restaurant offers mochi ice cream, chocolate matcha lava cake and avocado affogato to those that want a more adventurous experience.

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