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Brands and businesses have always competed on an intense level to be the best against their competitors.

As music streaming becomes more popular, Apple Music and Spotify are becoming the two top leading brands in offering online and mobile music streaming.

Apple Music is a music streaming service developed by Apple Inc. for only Apple and Android device users. According to Apple’s website, you can stream 50 million songs ad-free and get exclusive content.

On the other hand, Spotify offers over 35 million songs. Both offer so much music that I wouldn’t let song numbers affect which side wins the music streaming crown.

Apple Music is a major hit to most iPhone users because it comes pre-installed on the device and is accessible across all owned devices. However, Apple requires users to purchase a monthly-membership in order to use their Apple Music service.

Apple’s older music service is iTunes, which also comes at price. Instead of streaming as many songs you desire to listen to, you must purchase individual songs or albums, and it remains in your library forever.

Why should I have to purchase an iPhone and pay to use the Apple apps that complement the phone? Apple must know their customers will pay for the brand because they make sure to charge for everything.

The monthly membership for Apple is offered at different rates for students, individuals and family. However, when you first sign up, you receive a free three month trial.

If you want to cheat the system, after your trial has ended, you could create a new Apple ID and sign up for another free trial –that is if you’re okay with multiple Apple accounts and multiple placings for music, photos, information and storage.

Not to mention, if you cheat the system, all the songs you enjoyed listening to over and over are gone now in the new Apple ID. It would be as if starting over on a blank canvas, re-adding every song.

Spotify is downloadable on any device whether it is Apple, Android or Microsoft. This option of music streaming offers a free listener mode when you down, with ads and limited skips and a premium upgraded version no ads and unlimited skips.

Spotify used to provide a free 30-day trial of its premium service. With Apple Music on the market offering a three month trial, Spotify had to step up as well and offer the same deal.

If discovering music is your thing, Spotify prides itself on introducing listeners to new music. However, Apple is attempting to take that crown from Spotify by providing the “New Music Daily” playlist.

Competitors are attempting to surpass one another on every new innovative idea in the music streaming market. In addition, Apple tried to top Spotify recently by integrating a search option where you can search for a song by lyrics.

It’s up to the customers to decide who is winning.

I would surely argue Apple Music is more of a simple, private playlist, while Spotify is best suited for those who love to stumble upon new music due to its playlists-based setup.

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