After Oct. 31, when “spooky season” officially ends, a new debate arises each year.

Many feel that the day after Halloween starts the Christmas season. While this allows Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé to rise to the top of the Billboard 100, many people feel as though another holiday is being skipped over — Thanksgiving.

Many ask if there is a Thanksgiving season, or is it just an extension of Christmastime. This debate is especially present at Penn State, as the shops downtown are already beginning to decorate for the holidays before anyone has made their Thanksgiving plans.

“We are 100 percent in Thanksgiving,” Tessa Beauchat said.

Beauchat (freshman- biomedical engineering) has felt strongly about this topic for a long time.

“It’s a great holiday that’s about giving thanks, and not buying gifts, and it has the best food out of all the holidays,” Beauchat said.

Food is a large reason for the beliefs many feel about the importance of Thanksgiving, as well as the anti-consumerist message they feel it promotes.

“I think that you’re skipping from one holiday that gives out free food, to another that gives out free presents, and forgetting about the one that’s actually about the goodness of people,” Taylor Berek said.

Santa, Turkey graphic

Berek (freshman- biomedical engineering) also feels strongly about the skipping over of one holiday, just because people favor another one.

“It is currently Thanksgiving season because Thanksgiving has not even happened, so how could it be the Christmas season if we haven’t even passed Thanksgiving yet?” Berek said.

Many students who love the Thanksgiving holiday feel like they have to concede to the overbearing holiday season.

“Ideally, I would like it to be Thanksgiving season, but realistically it’s Christmas,” Cole Parker said.

Parker (sophomore- political science and criminology) wishes there was more celebration of Thanksgiving, but feels like he has succumbed to the ever-growing Holiday season.

“I would like there to be some recognition that Thanksgiving is happening, but literally every store and commercial is already advertising Christmas. They started a ‘Countdown to the 25 Days of Christmas’ last week, so I don’t think Thanksgiving is a really celebrated holiday in our culture until the actual day of it,” Parker said.

Some students welcome the early holidays with open arms.

“For me, I think that Nov. 1 starts the Christmas season,” Devin Mcduffie said.

Mcduffie (senior- spanish and political science) believes this due to the lack of TV and film representation of Thanksgiving.

“I like Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving is not like a ‘Hallmark’ holiday, so it’s not that represented in the media,” Mcduffie said.

Mcduffie also cites store decoration cycles are part of her reasoning.

“After Oct. 31, all the Halloween decorations get taken down and the candy gets put on sale. As soon as you see Nov. 1, candy and decorations come out for Christmas and not Thanksgiving,” Mcduffie said.

These students feel as all of these holidays come quicker and quicker, choosing which one to celebrate can become more pressing.

“Thanksgiving only gets its two weeks to shine, so I really think we should let it have those two weeks,” Beauchat said.

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