From sweet treat-based movies like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to absurd childhood cartoons, there has been food we’ve all wanted to try. Say goodbye to traditional foods, and welcome in the most captivating dishes served in movies and television shows.

Krabby Patties – SpongeBob SquarePants

As children, SpongeBob fans wondered what this could possibly taste like. Would it turn out tasting like a Big Mac from McDonalds? Or would it taste like a fresh-right off the grill burger from your uncle’s cookout?

Mint Sorbet – Princess Diaries

Sorry Berkey Creamery, this sorbet that always looked better than Bittersweet Mint. By the way true actress royalty, Julie Andrews, indulged on this treat, it made anyone’s eyes double in size.

Yellow snow cones – Monsters Inc.

Classic Disney movie, Monsters Inc. surely had the most interesting food. A lemony flavored snow cone served by the Abominable snowman? Of course!

Dumplings and noodle soup – Kung Fu Panda

Po’s father’s noodle shop always served the most serious looking dishes in a children’s movie.

Purple Flurp – Jimmy Neutron

This questionable purple and green bubble gum always appeared way more enjoyable than traditional Hubba Bubba.

Coffee from Luke’s – Gilmore Girls

Something about the vibe from Stars Hollow always made anything from Luke’s Diner look way more appealing.

The “grey” stuff – Beauty and the Beast

After the creation of Be Our Guest restaurant in Disneyworld, fans wondered if Lumiere was correct, that the grey stuff “is delicious.”

Wonka candy – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Who didn’t want to be a part of this movie? Freedom to walk around a candy factory for an entire day, to pig out on chocolate bars and six-foot lollipops is a dream come true.

Candy spaghetti – Elf

The need for sugar in every meal is something Will Ferrell’s character had in common with everyone as children. Would mixing chocolate syrup with spaghetti be the best pairing of the century? Or would it be the worst? These are questions we need answered.

Butterbeer – Harry Potter

If you’re a Harry Potter fan and haven’t wanted to try butterbeer, are you a true Harry Potter fan? This simple but magical drink has been made by cafes to restaurants, but will it ever be as good as the movie?

Reptar bar – Rugrats

We all look for a chocolate fill every now and then. This candy bar always brought more to the game with an unusual green filling. Mint? Kiwi? Lime? The world may never know.

Food from Rico’s surf shop – Hannah Montana

Having nachos with Miley and Lily or having hot dogs with Jackson and Oliver always seemed better than having these basic snacks alone. Especially after playing Jackson’s Sweet Treat Delivery as a kid, the whole menu looked more appealing.

Brain freeze – Fanboy and Chum Chum

This unusual television show aired an episode based off of these purple slushies. And quite frankly, if you didn’t want one of these as a kid, you are lying. Something tells me these wouldn’t taste like grape medicine we all took as children.

Pizza - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

There is always a weird combination of food we have thought about but never tried. Four turtles dared to combine garlic and chocolate on pizza and marshmallow pepperoni, which left us wondering what it would actually taste like.

Chocolate Cake – Matilda

Chocolate upon chocolate upon chocolate. Is there a need for explanation for this one? This cake has made every Matilda’s fan mouth water.

Beignets – Princess and the Frog

For all recipes Tiana used in Princess and the Frog left us questioning if there is something she cannot bake. These beignets are basically funnel cakes at a whole other level.

Ratatouille – Ratatouille

Who didn’t watch Ratatouille and wonder what food from Remi tasted like? This Italian cuisine always looked appealing to both the eye and the taste buds.

The Naco – Kim Possible

Taco Bell who? Ron clearly knew something we all did not in the making of nachos.

Magical cookies – Alice in Wonderland

A cookie to make you pass all classes? What a dream.

Pink goo – Teletubbies

As children, we all feared taking Pepto Bismol for sour stomachs. Growing older, looking at everything bright pink – we compared to this sickening medicine. From childhood cartoon, Teletubbies, you might have wondered what a dosage of this goo tasted like.

In the past, people have put their own twist on these meals. Most turning out not so great, but others being surprised by the outcome. Movies and shows have always brought their wildest imaginations when it came to foods and drinks, but it relied on the viewers if they would challenge themselves to make these insane dishes.

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