Street Event; Sidewalk Sale & Street Bazaar

Joe He, 29 of China (meteorology ) and Li Feng, 29, China (hydrology) Looking at clothes at The Downtown Sidewalk Sale & Street Bazaar on Aug 3, 2019

The fashion industry is one that is inevitable; whether you are stylistically inclined to stay with the trends or not. It is all encompassing, and it develops from every facet of life.

Trend research is something that companies have to be very mindful to adhere to, especially since most fashion companies will plan out their lines a year in advance. Determining how to sell products that align with the fads of the season while staying true to their personal brand is no easy task. Social media adds another layer of complexity to the situation, with influencers, bloggers, and celebrities adding their styles to what are considered cool.

There are several sources that contribute to the general pool of trends to look out for. Of course, fashion magazines are a huge part of this. Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire amongst others all have things to say on what to wear and how to wear them.

A lot of this will be based on runway collections in high fashion, but can be modified to fit regular lifestyles as well. Harper’s Bazaar, for example, is predicting a suit heavy fall based on the looks from Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and other high-end runway looks. Pleated skirts, neon, tweed, and dark florals were also predicted for this fall by this publication.

Magazines aren’t the only form of prediction offered fashion wise. WGSN, for example, is a subscription site that a lot of fashion companies will follow for “trend forecasting and analytics” across several fields – lifestyle and interiors, fashion, beauty and more.

Pop Up Ave, Midtown Dandy

Andy Kintzi, the owner of Midtown Dandy a retro mens clothing store for men, interacts with a customer during Pop Up Ave on Saturday, Sep. 22, 2018.

For fall women’s fashion, WGSN makes several different predictions from hairstyles to accessories to colors. Their commercial color update for young women is pulled from “catwalks, influencer style, trade shows and editorials.”

Colors for the fall are broken down into fashion, core, and accent, with fashion colors show cool and warm orange tones (true to autumns tradition) to create a variety of style. Core colors refined to create muted glamour for a go-to palette. Accent colors for this category are bright and urban, with yellow and red lipstick making statements this autumn.

What does this mean for State College? The answer is nothing exceptionally wild.

We are not exactly situated in a fashion hub, so trends will likely arrive here late and be, understandably, changed to suit both the attitude and the weather conditions of the town. The impeding nine months of winter are not forgiving to outfits that do not protect from the cold, and likewise, it would be strange to show up to a day of classes in a full suit.

Regardless, if you are inclined towards the trends, doing some research and getting a few new pieces from thrift stores and boutiques downtown is never a bad idea for sprucing up your wardrobe.

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Kaleigh Quinnan is a graphic designer for The Daily Collegian. She is a senior double majoring in fine arts with a drawing and painting concentration and French with a business concentration. She has a minor in political science.